Sunday, March 29, 2009

29 March 2008 - Rin

Now is 12.30am, waiting for 3am to wake daddy and mama up to prepare the vegetarian food that we need for praying because currently is the ching ming season. We will be meeting the rest of my family later at Meiling Street at around 4am to travel to Lim Chua Kang(Grandpa) for praying. Decide on such no three no four timing to avoid the traffic jam as well as the traffic police. Suddenly glad that I bought C902, the video light that the phone very bright, so I don't have to bring touch light like the rest. Muahaha.. Guess after Lim Chu Kang we will continue our tradition of going for Macdonald Breakfast later before going to Holland(Grandma) for our second praying session. My little cousins reactions was so happy, they keep saying "Yeh Macdonald", but after studying at Kapland which at Starhub Centre, my reaction was "Huh!! Macdonald again".. Muahaha, I had been having Mac breakfast for at least one a week, Kinda of sick of it, but since the little ones like it, think I will just have to give in. Wonder what will we do later after all the praying? Hopefully, we can settle the Family T-shirt by today then we can send it for printing.

Currently, Randy is having a flu, wonder if it is because of me turning down the air con temperature on friday when I was at his place, Feeling guilty now... Haiz.. Hope he will get better soon...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

28th Mar 2009 - rek

Not really feeling well today. so think hopefully will be staying home.

Recently have a new game obession(though i shouldnt be. Comeon randy, get a life~!) . Restaurant City. You manage a restaurant and hired your friends to be your waiter/waitress or cooks. the interesting part is that, you'll need to gather ingredients in order to upgrade your dishes. this led to a serious issue of adding and deleting friends. why? you only get 1 ingredient a day IF you answer a quiz correctly. but when you visit a friend's restaurant for the first time, you get an ingredient too. but only first time visits get ingredients. so how? ppl start to gather at forums to add one another and delete them after getting the ingredients. wahahaha. traffic of friends is going to be hell.

Sort of decided to go ahead and learn how to sell insurance. yes and no, this might be a good side line. but one step at a time. this will at least let me have the flexiblity of doing my own stuff.

Toy business at PS SUDDENLY became ok. think should have broken even this month, but will need to work out the accounts to know that.

I long to be free~ free to do the things i wan to do~ (irin will come and say to me" you wanna be free from me rite? fine!", no dear, thats not what i meant.) Ma come and wan me to sell dough stick. Pa wan me to go out and find work, claiming that i'm not business material. la la la~

Thursday, March 26, 2009

25th and 26th March 2009 - Rin

Yesterday went for class in the morning then met up with Randy for lunch. Went over to PS to put in more toys in his cabinet at Toy Outpost, then we went for lunch at the Food Court, had Mixed Veg Rice, and we manage to talk things out a bit. He was saying that I am behaving more and more like Zhi hong without me knowing myself, I kind of freak out, i didn't wanna be like him, so i told Randy to let me know when I behave like tat again. Think about it when I was at home at night, guess I only started to be like tat only after I finish my degree, is that why recently i find it kind of hard to communicate with people? I keep thinking that I have to sound smart, sound as if I know what going on so that people will never look down on me, but come to think about it, why would i wanna make life difficult for myself, shouldn't I simply be myself when it come to being with friends and family? Was really glad that Randy reminded me about this and I figure it out before it was too late.

My Lunch: I ordered egg, xiao bai cai, si chuan veg and the chicken that I tot was calamaris the chicken was too hard for my liking though. ($4.50)

Randy Lunch: He order a fried Fish, French Fries with Sausage, Tofu and Sweet and Sour Pork ($5.80)

After lunch we went over to meet up with raymond at gloria jeans suntec, they are currently having a promotion, all iced drinks are priced at $3 nett after 3pm, it's available daily, so people who are looking for a afforable place to chill or study, you can give it a try there. Manage to finish my F9 homework when we were there, actually i feel kind of out of place there, there isn't much taking until slasher came. But when slasher came, the guys were having their chat then i can't seems to understand much, think the topics that they are having is a little difficult for me to digest since I can consider myself a computer idiot. After finishing my work, we went for dinner at Just Acia, Randy keep saying its a thai restaurant, but personally I doubt so. The following are some of the things we order:

My spicy Chicken Set: The chicken was too spicy unless you are a person who really love spicy food, I would not recommend this set.

Randy & Slasher's Tori Katsu Set, its on promotion, this set is only $5.90+, I find the katsu not bad taking consideration the price.

Raymond's Fried Salmon set, the salmon was extremely thin, and I think it's definately not worth the money.

Spinach Tofu, not like wat I expected, didn't like this side dish at all.

Slasher's steamed dumpling.

Today i went for praying as its the ching ming season, went over at around 6 in the morning, glad that there wasn't much people there, after that came home and had my nap. Had a vegetarian dinner, coz daddy didn't wanted to waste the food, but the noodle's too salty so we only manage to finish half of it. Wonder how is Randy's room going to be like since he has been spending the whole of today packing, guess I would only know the answer when I go over tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

24th Mar 2009 - rek

18th Mar wed - hmmm... lost in memory lane.

19th Mar thur - Went to pick up irin then went over to PS for sakae sushi. then we went over to suntec gloria coffee to chill. coffee was at half price at night. woah~ had a nice time chilling there.

20th Mar fri - cant remember what i was doing...

21th Mar sat - Raining the earlier half of the day, so stayed home and played PS. then went out to CSC and lucky chinatown to pick up some stuff before going to simlim to meet up with 120 and slasher. went over to miramar for buffet dinner. the original resturant on the 9th floor, chinese style, was packed. so we went over to the one at the lobby, international. very disappointing. haiz... not even a strong dish that can make me remember my dinner there.

120 and slasher came over to my place after dinner. 120 started studying, while me and slash mess ard with other things. they went off at 5.30am in the morning.

22th Mar sun - Slept late. woke late. when i woke up, suddenly yan was home. hmmm... seems like pa ma accepted the fact that she is now living with xiong. all pa said was, coming back every sunday night for dinner.

at night, went over for my new niece's one-year old birthday party at AMK Gim Tin resturant. hahaha sort of good catching up with everyone and stuff. my 4th aunt gave me a wallet as thanks for helping with IT issues at Seah Gim Wah.

23th Mar mon - Woke up late. went out with pa ma for lunch. after which, went over to PS to restock and stuff. was abit disappointed that i didnt get to read the comic book at tenchi. both tiong bahru and AMK branch had rented out thier copies. what the hell?!
come home after that. just before pa ma left for work, they asked me to do the dishes and stuff. so i did that and went out to J8 to buy some mac for dinner.

24th Mar tue - Doing nothing at home. er... i think need to clarify this bit. when i say doing nothing, i'm actually doing something. i might be blogging, cleaning my room or even just resting.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

22nd March 2009 - Rin

Things have been really negative for me nowadays, wondering why... Keep having extremely negative thoughts in the minds, can't seem to chase them out of my head. Feeling maybe Randy has lost interest in me, he seems to have time for everything else except me, feeling kinda of depress over it. Humph... On top of that, I am starting to feel all the exams stress and the need to start studying when its only March now, my exams is in June, there is still another 2 more months to go, why am I freaking out now? Anyway, about the previous post saying that I will be uploading pictures and blogging about the balloons session, the girls nite out as well as the chalet, guess that have to wait, really not in the mood of blogging at all. Guess its time for me to sit down alone in private and sort out my feelings.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

17th Mar 2009 -rek

lalalala not working really slows down the clock. maybe turning lazy. once again. an account for the past 6 days. :p

12th mar thursday - PC show first day. wahahaha. met slasher to go in the early morning. edward was late. so we went in without him. after walking ard, buying irin's 2x 8gig micro sd cards, went to the bus stop to meet up with irin and edward. slasher was very happy that the drive was not being sold at the fair, even though i assured him many many times that it wont be sold there. well... they will always have the drive in the catalog, but when you ask, the arrival of the stock is never confirmed. for the past 2 years.
Over lunch, edward kept trying to seduce slasher into the new singnet or starhub deal. hmmm... well, i dont think that edward got a good deal out of singnet. the plan which he signed, will make him pay ard 50+ per month, bonded by a 2 years contract. same like mine. he had to top up 200+ for his netbook when i got mine free. he has a 50gig data cap while mine is unlimited. his only advantage is that his is mobile while mine is home. i think he would have gotten a better deal from m1 or starhub.

Irin sort of didnt have a good impression of edward. hmmm... think irin might have to get used to it. edward might be the kind of ppl she might have to face in the office in future.

Irin was angry that i took slasher to sungei road to buy power extention instead of sending her home. sorry baby, didnt know you were feeling unwell. my bad.

edward came all the way up to simlim square to look for me and slasher for dinner. after which, i went over to cineleisure to turn some capsules before going home.

13th Mar fri - was play PS all the while in the morning. Ray took half day in order to go to the PC show. end up i got slasher to meet up again at simlim square when he already been to the PC show in the morning. hahaha, met up to go get the mionet drive for raymond. in the end, ray got one drive for me also. we went over to central mall to chill at TCC before going for fish and chips at fisherman's wharf. hmmm... seems like TCC coffee gives me headaches... haiz... drop by cineleisure to turn abit before going home.

14th mar sat - Irin came over. we spend time together. we talked. all in all, an enjoyable day. watch heroes til 5am in the morning while slasher was configuring ftp on my MBWE (My Book World Edition)

15th mar sun - went to church in the early morning. after which, went to meet boon for sushi buffet lunch at sakae sushi. didnt really eat alot, guess i was stoning from a lack of sleep. only had ard 8 plates of salmon nigiri sushi and a mixture of other stuff. boon went with me to put in more stock. wish i had the energy to spend more time with him, but i was really stoned.

16th mar mon - Spend the day doing nothing. had to go over to PS but it was raining heavily til evening. then i went over to PS to put in some stock. turn some gachapons. rush home to look at the new items in PS.

17th mar tues - did nothing at home. absolute nothing. no even packing my toys or room. did the dishes and pack red bean paste though. but its really starting to feel aimless. the only thing i did worth mention was to complete the gachapons set in PS. haiz... recent life is really focused ard PS. should try getting more stuff done.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

11th Mar 2009 - rek

Woke up to the ring of mama's phone call. take out the fish, cook 3 cups of rice and do the biweekly praying, she ordered. so i start to move into action performing the given tasks.

after taking lunch, i hid in the room playing PS. was pondering to go out to turn gachapons. abit boring to be going out alone. so tried to ask slasher, ray and boon out. boon got game, slasher need to fix the NAS which he screwed up the firmware, ray was ok, but i feel bad dragging him all the way to vivo just for dinner. a 2 hour travelling time for just a 2 hour gathering isnt really that appealling. hahaha

then suddenly seagull called. he got a promo for a spa session at only 19. so we went. hmmm.. on the whole, everything was ok. it was a clean spa. so the massage helped with relaxing my shoulder muscules. not as comfortable as irin's which will put me to sleep. the hot and cold pool was smaller but quite nice. sauna's also good. only set-back, theater only play tv shows, no movies, and no free-flow food and drinks. but overall, a good experience.

then we went over to Big O for some bites as gull got a coupon for a 1 for one offer. but we were too early, so we went over to Burger King to chill. however, we were asked to be tasters for the new burger launch. had portions enough to cover a chicken sandwich. the first half and the second half were similar other than the fact that the first one had the onions fried to a crisp. then we chilled there for a while before going over to Big O.

Soup of the day and iced tea

Sirlion steak

should i be mean to irin? hmmmm... what the heck.
the soup was thick, succulent, slightly sour to bring out the appetite. whereas the iced tea is light and refreshing. as the steak was set in front of you, the fragrance of the herbs hits your nose while the hidden smell of the mushrooms assults you lightly. tasting the steak slowly with slices of mushroom in between was simply heaven.

seagull's big fat wallet, with enough credit cards to form a poker deck.

after that, i went over to cine to turn, then to vivo to turn, then come home to rest liao.

10th Mar 2009 - rek

had quite a good time today.

meet up with slasher in the morning at vivo, went to turn abit before going to Challenger to look for the drive slasher wanted: Western Digital MyBook World Edition. you cant imagine how much research he did before deciding to buy. he was msning me with all kinds of links and tricks that could be done with the box. In the end, he got so excited that he couldnt sleep at all. sounds like a kid before christmas rite? hahaha

anyway, Challenger dont carry stock anymore. in the end, we went to simlim square to look for it. managed to find the first gen that came out and slasher bought 1~! TA DA~! then we travelled over to Cuppage to pick up irin. when we were waiting at kaplan, slasher's already tearing open the box to get to the manual. anxious little brat....

then we went over to CSC to pick up my toy. Nendoroid Yoko then we wentdown to cold storage to look ard and see all kinds of new stuff.

Finally, its close to 3pm and we went for the highlight of the day. Dallas Fried Chicken Buffet~ some parts are ok. some parts are not. not as oily as KFC but somehow lacking in flavour.

after buffet, we sent irin home and went over to eunos MRT station. slasher waited with me for 2 hours before my friend came. thanks dude. and we talked about all kinds of shit. (oops... side effect of having a poo room) but really enjoyed the conversation.

Went over to the MLM thing, hmmm... lots of tots on it. sort of gave the person who was trying to sell to me some food for tot. so much so that he commented, if i became a businessman, i'll be a very scary one. hahaha anyway, lets see how things go la. might have to go back to the work force for some bread and butter soon.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

09 March 2009

Didn't really have the time for blogging for the past week, been busy with classes, pet society, homework as well as gathering of info for the family trip to Hong Kong in June. Humpf, But I manage to meet up with my girlies last Friday, will most prob blog about it tomorrow. I will also blog about the mini transparent balloon blowing party with my sis as well. Will be going for fried chicken at Dallas Chicken & Ribs that Randy wanted to try tomorrow. Think he is excited over it. Haha.. For the time being, think its time for me to catch some beauty sleep, have a class at 9.30am tml... Till tml, Ciaoz..

Monday, March 9, 2009

9th Mar 2009 - rek

4th March - wed : doing nothing at home til 3pm, went out to meet Boon and Slasher to look for portable external power supply. boon went off early for his badminton game, then me and slasher went to pray at guan yin templer before going over to vivo to meet 120 for dinner.

irin keep asking what should we be doing on sat lah. meet what time, eat what. got me abit upset as originally she said that she'll come over to BBDC and wait for me to finish the test, so that she will be the first to know my results. then in the end, she keep changing plans til i got damn pissed. which is why i didnt blog for the pass few days. i didnt wan to say out this thing before the test.

5th March - thurs : Went for driving early in the morning, then after which, went to pick irin at her school. we went to suntec to shop ard. have lunch then send her back before returning home.

6th March - fri : Went for driving lesson in the morning. then came back home to rest.

7th March - sat : Went for test. flunk. Irin came over in a cab to pick me and we returned home to rest.

8th March - sun : Went for church in the morning. then meet slasher for swimming. chilled and talk about anything til raymond came. then we got ready and went for cafe cartel. Ribs were fantastic. piping hot and juicy.
then we started roaming ard, slasher played a game of virtual cop 3 at bugis, then we went over to simlim square.
at first, was planning to go to fishermen's wharf for dinner, but just drop by victors for a serving of ha gao for slasher to try. then halfway, raymond say might as well have dinner there. so we sat there and ate. then slasher said, it will be really sad if we just had a serving of something so nice and then go off. you can sort of see slasher's eyes widen everything he tries something there. hahaha

9th March - today : still chilling at home at the moment. later will be going over to vivo to turn gachapons.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3rd Mar 2009 - rek

seems like this is becoming a pattern. tend to skip blogging over the weekends. but this weekend was the ultimate.

27th feb friday - like what irin said, we went for buffet with slasher, after which, irin brougght us went over to the market behind OG. slasher was very suprised by the prices for the daily neccessities he seen there. it was AT LEAST 20% below the normal price he get and he even made a special note on his iPhone to help him locate the place again. while irin was hunting down the stuff she wan, me and slasher went to walk ard and found a interesting shop selling liu li. The sales lady was from china i think, so she targeted me in explaining the various uses and advantages of 琉璃. fyi, 琉璃 is basically glass art. here are more information wiki-琉璃 . recently, this art form is being used to create various talisman and amulet for feng shi. why? i think mainly is that, it wont tarnish, easily manufactured and the biggest reason, super low cost. but adding a feng shui label on it, allows it to raise quite a few folds in value.

Interesting theory to point out. looking at different retail outlets, you see a different service level and attitude. shops like feng shui shop, jewellery shop usually have assistants who are attentive to the point of crime: they stalk you, they watch your every move, they video you down. whereas assistant at grocery shops, daily neccessity shops will never give you that kind of attention. A knows that what they are selling is over priced, and by giving you that much attention, they are hoping that you will part with your money to feed them. B knows that you need it, you'll die die get it. not saying that B wont be nice, but they wont go out of thier way to assist.

After that, we send irin off at the bus stop and went on to CSC to check out some stuff for slasher. then we went to orchard to meet seagull and edward. the situation there was abit funny, you see all the guys ard playing boardgames and stuff, where me and slasher are there talking about Pet Society and even started playing there. seagull showed me his Mafia Wars account, alot alot of money.

After games were done, we left that place ard 10 and went over to city hall for J Co donuts. the mocha freeze isnt very nice, guess they had more reputation for donuts than coffee.

After donuts, we sat ard and talked til ard 11.30 before going off. Edward walked with me all the way to my lift lobby, saying he had nothing to do. guess we're all lonely ppl in a way. while we were walking, we talked about finding a good place to play board games, so i mentioned that we were planning to go seagull's place. edward disagree with me on that as he's worried that we'll be imposing on mrs gull and miss gull. i replied that it has to happen at least once before anyone can decide if it's good.

28th feb sat - Rainy day. spend the first half of the day chilling at home doing nothing. played Pet Society all day. then suddenly, we all arranged to go over the seagull's place for a boardgame session. Slasher went to meet 120 at simlim then came over to pick me then edward.
We went over to the market at chong pang, then went over the seagull's place.
Dinner was good as you can see from the picture.

We played Kapitan which 120 won all 3 rounds. then we played Cash and Guns. and finally Zombie. 120 missed this scene - slasher's char surround by the zombies i called up ard him. hahaha

1st Mar sunday - were still at seagull's place when the day started. we went over to sun plaza for macdonald's breakfast before going home. poor seagull was sleeping through the breakfast. slept the whole day away. when i woke up in the evening, recieved news that Yeo's mother had passed away.

2nd Mar monday - Woke up still with a headache. played online games til 4pm then went over to Yeo's mother's wake. after which, 120 came to fetch me and we went to marina for dinner and chilling out. met slasher, 120's alan, pebble, pebble's friend, shrekho.

3rd Mar today - went out at 12 to pick up some books at kino, then went over to meet irin for lunch.
Didn't do much today, was at home the whole day playing games (pet society, totem tribe, 武林英雄), watching tv and reading my story book. Didn't have the mood to study nowadays, I wonder why. Order pizza from De France for lunch, the standard of the pizza has dropped tremendously, and the toppings given was a lot lesser compared to previously. Both me and my sis was really disappointed. Below are some of the pictures that I took.

Sunshine Fantasy: consisting of hard boiled egg, bacon, mayo and sausage.

Super Meaty:consisting of chicken ham, sausage and bacon, it suppose to have beef salami in it, but because we can't take beef at home, so I requested for it to be taken out.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

28th February 2009

It was raining cats and dogs today, was really glad that I stayed home and didn't go out today. But guess tomorrow C3 and me will be going over to Queensway to reconfirm the colour and the sizes for the family tee again, hopefully everything turn out well and we can get it before our chalet on the 15th of March.

Today is the last day for the $1 Macaron promo @ bakerzin, so juan went over to bakerzin @ Suntec after accompanying Linda to Marina Square and she bought me a pack of Macarons (Coffee, Jap Yuzu, Peach, Scarlet, Lemon & Sakura), So happy!!! But at the same time I was a little disappointed that both the chocolate and rose ones are sold out.. I am really into macarons nowadays, just thinking of it makes me drools, but think I would have to restrict myself cause having too much of it is currently giving me sore throat. Humpf..