Saturday, December 27, 2008

27th Dec 2008 - rek

Yawnz~ been a very nice christmas. started sleeping at 8pm on christmas eve til 7am on christmas morning.

What irin mentioned in the blog is partially true. at times. i'm afraid to blog as i'm afriad that she'll think too much on it and over-react. part is it is that i'm just being lazy. or i'm doing or thinking of too many things at the same time.

Gachapons wise, more or less got everything that i need. think might be closing off the clay emblem series soon. maybe i should rush yeo to see if he can pass me the rest of november's pay. then i can get a few more sets to store away for selling.

Reading the sword fighting novel by gu long, xiao li fei dao, it sort of stirred up some feeling i had in the past. Li Xuan Huan was a great man. he only remember the good that others had done for him and repays them in many times more. he never remember how others had ill-treated him, regardless of how bad they tried to harm him.

In life, sometimes, gaining is losing. Losing is gaining. Never are there bad lives to lead. as long as you can live, you can have hope, things are never that bad.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

24th November 2008

Merry Christmas everyone, at this point of time that I m blogging it is already past midnight, as it's Christmas Day. Heez... Been kind of busy today, preparing claims for the presents in the morning for my mum, after tat had lunch and spend sometime at home to slack before carrying all the pressie from my place to Aunt's lin place. Celebration was kind of simple this year, had dinner and the usual present givinng session. It seems that the atmosphere this year wasn't as great as it was last year, might be because the adults didn't really seem enthu about it ba, except the aunties, who are busy purchasing the presents for everyone. The presents I recieve this year are:

  • Black Mango Bag
  • Black Guess clutch bag
  • Pink Monologue Planner
  • Mascara and Lip Gloss from Majolica Majorca
  • A little Angel Handphone Accessory
  • A pair of Rose studs

Kind of like all my presents I had this year, but there seems to be a lack of the surprise factor because I shop for most of the presents myself, in fact most of us already know what we are getting in advance. But the Guess Clutch Bag came as a surprise, didn't expect to recieve such an expensive present from Kao Fu(Uncle) and Auntie Normah. Humpf, feeling kinda of brain death now, guess it time for me to go to bed le ba. Once again, Merry Christmas to all... Ciaoz...


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

23rd December 2008

Been a long time since both of us blog, guess the reason behind hubby not blogging might be me being too sensitive about all the issues that he mention ba, at times i will bring up the topic and we will argue about it, we might even quarrel over it. Think I am really very sensitive, pessimist and I tends to think too much in regards to the things he said. Time to for me look at the bright side of life, but can I really do it? I will try hard, that will be my new aim for next year.

Back to the ways things have been for the past one week, I spent 3 days at a chalet at Aranda Country club which is at DTE, things have been fun, spent a whole lot of time with my cousins and family, eat a lot but didn't manage to get much sleep.

Meet up with hubby a few times, once before I went to the chalet, and twice after i came back after the chalet, things have been nice when we are together, but when we are doing our own things at our own home, things aren't really that great. We tend to argue, debate and quarrel over various issues, on top of that the way he reply at times, irritates me, I dunno why maybe it might be due to my PMS or it might be just my character ba. Humpf, think I will really have to change my temper, but after the change will I still be who I am? Will the new Irin be the same as the old Irin?

I think I should probably get out all the negatives thoughts I have above and look forward to the future, Christmas is coming, been shopping around quite a lot for all the pressies. 4th year Anniversary is coming, wonder what to get for hubby... Humpf, but one thing that is confirm is hubby and me are going our little belated celebration at "the pasta shop" for pasta buffet. Hmmm... Wonder what the buffet will be like? Will they include the braised beef pasta? Hopefully boon, lizzie and Jon will be able to join us.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

13th December 2008

Never do much today, been staying home the whole day slacking, watching tv, playing games. doubt I will do much tomorrow too, since my mum haven really decide if we are going shopping or staying home though we have so much christmas pressie to buy.

Hubby will be going for Sakae with Raymond, Shinvy and Tubei tml, feel a little left out since I can't go. Suddenly realise that I have craving for sakae, mostly for the kani tempura, okonomiyaki, fried tofu and all the fried items, and of course salmon sashimi. Humpf, but hubby kind of promise me that we will go again, hopefully he will keep the promise. Humpf.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

13th Dec 2008 - rek

Today my parents went ot Malaysia with Ranna, Kelvin and the rest of the BIG family. Me? the reason which i gave was that i have RT tomorrow morning. but the actual reason was many. 1. dont really have the spare cash to spend. 2. dont wanna be trapped in th place with no internet access and no fun things to do.

So as per normal, i woke up to the BAPU BAPU of the garung guni and the drilling of the lift construction. while having one of the buns i bought at Cake History last night (3 for $2.50), i was thinking whether to go out or to stay home and not waste the other 2 buns. then i decided to relocate one of the cupboard to make the room more spacious first. after seeing that the area i going move the cupboard to was dusty, i decided to move my stuff to the living room and vaccuum that area first.

My stuff in the living room.

Part of my floor which i havent seen in the past year.

Reshuffling stuff as i vaccuum.

I lost the ball bearing... but i found a better replacement~!~!~!

haiz... how am i going to sort these out later...

One of my friends once said "If you havent thrown anything away while cleaning the house/room, you havent been cleaning."

Woah~ nice and big corridor~

Current state of my room.

My toys which i'll need to sort out later.

While moving the stuff to the living room, i tot "hey, why not surprise pa ma by cleaning the house abit?" so i went on to clearing up the long sofa, washed dad's ~!@#$%^& ashtray, wiped the side table and the center table, washed the dishes. Then i went to pa ma's room and folded their blankets, dust the bed abit as i cant find the bed sheet, move all the soiled clothes to the kitchen.

With those done, i went to my room to relax abit before sorting out my own stuff. Suddenly, there was a noise in the living room! before i know it, my room door suddenly opened~! there was yan
"where is pa ma?"
"where is pa ma? i came back to meet them for dinner."
"then you better hurry, get your passport and rush to malaysia." (actually, i just said they in malaysia)
"... YA HOR!"

Then i ask her if she is going to clean her room like what i'm doing. she say ya. but i think later she gave up due to the difficulty of the task. i asked if she can help me with the ceiling lights, she say ok but she'll be going off at 7. so i turned her down. then later i think think abit, using the skeleton of cupboard, i took down both the lights and the fan. then using wan jie ling, i throughly cleaned all the parts. and refitted everything back safely.

Little did i know how damaging wan jie ling was to my hands... it's itchy, painful and raw... ow ow ow... palm reading anyone?

Look like irin mistaken the meaning of my last blog... here's a history of the sms. started last night.
"Anyway i was thinking maybe its good to take some time off.. we should probably start thinking if we match.. since you think that we are so different from one another"
i didnt reply to the sms, but did my morning sms.
"Muack. i wake liao. pabu pabu garang guni."
"did you recieve my msg from last night?"
"yup. muack. love love"
"Did you get what i say or even what i meant?"
"nod nod"
"Then why are you acting like nothing happened?"
"Muack. do you love me?"
"I do... But like what you say we do have alot of differences..."
"But its hard since the things we want is different.. and thats what you say.."
"Muack, i love you enough to overlook those differences. i love you enough to change my small habits. i love you enough to clean my room for you." you should know how tough is cleaning my room. i think hercules will rather clean the stables as one of the twelve tasks than to take on my room.

so with that, the storm is over. haiz.. i'm hungry, its 11.40pm and i havent taken dinner. baka yan ran away without having dinner with me. time for the remaining 2 buns...

Friday, December 12, 2008

11th December 2008

Hubby and me met up with liz and jon for chongqing yesterday, everything was ok but we didn't enjoy ourselves or eat as much as before, maybe it is due to the ambience ba, last time it was used to be quiet and nice but now might be due the tv show, it is getting very crowded and noisy. After we went for chongqing, hubby and jon went to shop for jon's helicopter while me and liz went over to meet Jia for Mango Sales. Went to three outlets spend $200 over on clothes but luckily the ones that I bought aren't all for me. At night we met with boon for archery and we went for ice cream at swenson. Had the rainbow ice cream, thought the ice cream favour was not bad, and Swenson will donate $2 to charity for every ice cream, so decided to order that.

Think it's kinda of sweet that hubby is willing to go for steamboat (he doesn't like steamboat) as well as staying out instead of going home for me. Feel kinda bad becoz he was having a very bad headache due to lack of sleep. Humpf, Thanks hubby for everything. Muacks...

Some pictures of chongqing and swenson:

Jon and hubby, I wonder what is Jon looking at...

The mala side of the steamboat...

Our side of the steamboat... Love the chicken soup

Overall Picture..

Tray 1 of out food, we did not order the lettuce and xiao bai chai thou...

The tray with the food we usually order: Fish glue, beef, fish.. wonder where is the wanton and pork and tau kee...

Lizzie staring at the steamboat, I like the smokey effect...Hahaha

Jon and Hubby 2.. Humpf, they only have eyes for each another, sad...

The steamboat that we cleared...

Swenson Rainbow ice that I ate... The favours are yam, mango and S'berry.. The rainbow is made of chocolate and the stars are butter cookies

Hubby was sulky, but he loves his ice cream thou..

Jon look surprise.. But dunno about what..

11th Dec 2008 - rek

Blogging is a powerful tool. Like all swords, its double edged.

Its allows one to share his darkest tots, however, if it gets into the wrong hands, alot of damage can be done. Irin reads my old blog and sometimes we fight over it. Alf choose to end our friendship due to something i blogged too.

One of the gachapon-loaders called me to ask if Alf is a friend of mine. i was taken by surprised. upon further query, i was told that Alf requested them to open the machines to sell him the gachapons he want. hmmmm... what i replied was that, if its my friend, they would have came to me, instead of approaching them. unless neccessary, i wont approach the loaders for help. the same would apply to my friends as i'll cover them as well.

Abit unhappy about another "friend". i asked him if he wanted the new disney emblem 3. he say yes, help him get a set. when i asked him to transfer me the money first, he say he'll pay me when we meet up. -_-" the issue is, i dont meet him often. and currently i'm jobless and penniless. i'm still able to turn gachapons as i'm turning my friend's sets with the money they passed me in advance. i'm ok with helping ppl turn gachapons, BUT! firstly, it must not strain me financially. secondly, i dont like to have difficult requests placed on me.

Enough about gachapons. relationship now.

Things are more or less ok with irin currently. but from the recent big fights, i start to understand that there are more to a relationship than just feelings. Feelings must be there, but there must be supporting factors.
贫贱夫妻百事哀。Without financial support, relationships will be strained. tempers flare easily. in simple words, a hungry man is an angry man.
bio-clocks must match - sleeping hours, sex drive. lets face it, i have a 10 year age gap with irin. i have a habit of waking at 8. she wakes at 11. she loves to talk to me before sleeping. and some times the conversation ends ard 3am. to me, its a 5 hours sleep, to her, its a 8 hours sleep. -_-" maybe without work, i can adjust my timing. but when i start working again? hmmm... might have to talk this out.
Ambition must be in sync. without a common goal, ants will be crawling all over the place. with a common goal, elephants can also be consumed by ants.

Lets work hard for the future, shall we? GREAT~! I'll get the car, You get the stockings, Boon get the weapons and we'll ROB a bank~

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

9th December 2008

This have been rough for both me and hubby recently, and even for our relationship. We almost went our seperate ways over our differences in our beliefs and thinking. But we manage to patch things up, but I still feel that there is something between us, maybe still the difference in our thinking and etc, but got a hunch that if we do not clear the difference up things will be even harder for us in the future. Hopefully things will clear up soon and we will get our feelings back again.

My exams just ended, did not have any confidence in passing at all, thus causing the stress in me to build up all over again. I just feel so useless, so stupid, so dumb that I don't even have the confidence to pass a paper that I retook from last sem. But all the people around me keep telling me that ACCA is not that simple, the passing rate is not very high, so i dun have to feel inferior about retaking the papers, but I simply can't help it. To me, failing the paper once, I could say that maybe I am inexperience or unlucky, but failing the paper twice, I can no longer find any other excuses. Probably ACCA is really not my forte, maybe it is time for me to stop studying and go work instead.

Although I am deprive from my retail therapy since I have not been shopping for the past 2 months(due to exams and monetary constraints), I am not very excited about Christmas and New Year shopping that I will have to do (pressie for family and friends as well as CNY clothes) there is so little time and so much to buy, so much to think, and I even have to help mama with her pressie that she is buying for my cousins and aunts, Doubt I have time to shop, coz if I would to spend more time shopping I might have less than for hubby. Am I willing to give up my personal time with hubby for shopping? I am not too sure about that.. But glad that linda has settle the auntie's christmas pressie a long time ago and all I have to do is play and at the same time mama gave me some ideas about the things that we could consider buying for those that doesn't have a present. Hopefully I can get all the pressie ready by Christmas ba..


Sunday, December 7, 2008

7th Dec 2008 - rek

Haiz... things havent been going my way other than turning gachapons.

Irin made a big huha when i told her i might be going to church.

Mom wants me to take over the fried doughstick stall with dad.

Currently, Irin isnt talking to me. Mom's sad when i say i'll just resign first, then see what to do. and i dont wanna take over the business. Mom wants me to take over and industrialise, but how to? without funds to do it (dad's against monetary support), its simply not possible.

Feel like giving up... feel like shaving my head... feel like running away...

why does everyone make so much noise? why cant i hear myself anymore? why cant i be happy?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

6th Dec 2008 - rek

Progress so far.

on my list of things to do:
-repack all my toys (my own collections): yet to start
-repack all toys for sale as well and post them on the toyblog: On and off
-sort out existing IT-related stuff in my room, keep only those that might have useful and bwang the rest or pass them back to Yeo: packed last night, threw most of it.
-sort out all the CDs, file them or bwang them or something: yet to start
-download all the roms to date. (from 2850 to 3050 at least): got til 3112. YES~
-reorganise my room for better usage and easier access: er... is this even possible?

On and off, ppl keep reminding me to move on with my life. get another job. get your driving license. haiz... not that i'm not trying to. when someone reminds me, the stress level goes back up and i have to start from scratch again. cant i relax before moving on? maybe i should hide in the room more often. or i should hide outside more.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

3rd Dec 2008 - rek

Woke up blur today. i forgot to wish yan happy birthday even when i remembered it, i just keeps slipping my mind. then i forgot about smsing boon about asking him out for sashime buffet. so just go with the flow. at the same time, 120 ask if i can go with her to settle her divorce papers. after me and boon finished with the buffet, we went over to meet her.

sat and talked for a while at mac after finishing. then 120 went for her class and boon went for his haircut. i went to get some ziplock bag and then went over to CSC then suntec.

at suntec, hang ard abit, watch the mummy - dragon emperor abit, then meet jurgen and gang. after that, i went off early to go to cineleisure, looks like my hunch was correct as i got first 2 capsules as dale. then go home.

Through out the day, i find that some how, without irin, things looks a different colour. the colour of sian. haiz... i wan abit of freedom, but i miss her too. can i have a split personality to settle both at the same time?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3rd December 2008

Yeah... done with 2 out of my 4 papers (completed tax and law) but still have 2 more to go. Hopefully I can pass the papers that I have already took. Can't wait to be done with my papers then I can go out and play. Wanted to go overseas but doubt I could since school is starting again on the 2nd of Jan, but at least I will be spending sometime at Downtown East.

Need to shop for Christmas gifts and Clothes for New Year soon, can't wait for the shopping to start. Looking forward for Chong Qing too, wan all the wantons and the bamboo fungus. Think I am a little brain dead now, so guess I will stop here ba. Oh, Miss Lizzie, I wanna go shopping? Sms when you see this entry k.. and we have to schedule our time for chong qing too...


2nd Dec 2008 - rek

Hmmm... some of the links to the roms are not working. but at least i got everything til 3044.

Watch abit of anime as i packed my gachapons. Real Drive. very nice, its about a time in the future where everyone can have a cyber brain and digitize themselves to go into the internet. however, issues arising. wanna find out? go watch it. :)

went for RT after finishing the downloads. after rt, went to suntec with jurgen to turn gachapon and have dinner. we went to carrefour for dinner, i ate some cheap sushi for 2.90 and jurgen had a pizza for 2.50

today's haul:
buns: chip -6, dale -5, Mickey - 2, Minnie - 1
Disney hands: mickey ok - 1, Minnie ok - 1
Disney Mushroom: stitch - 2
and some funny funny stuff

Monday, December 1, 2008

1st Dec 2008 - rek

Firstly, sorry to my baby for not being there when she needs me. the truth is, i didnt notice the sms. sorry sorry.

Busy me? Me busy... trying to pick up the pieces of my life and reorganise everything. and i hope to achieve everything before chinese new year which is on the 26th Jan 2009. ard 2 months to pick up and fix everything. also have to take into consideration that after irin's exams is over on the 12th Dec 2008, i might need to spend time with her here and there. so as to meet the time line, i'll need to clear as much things as i can during irin's exam period.

on my list of things to do:
-repack all my toys (my own collections)
-repack all toys for sale as well and post them on the toyblog
-sort out existing IT-related stuff in my room, keep only those that might have useful and bwang the rest or pass them back to Yeo
-sort out all the CDs, file them or bwang them or something
-download all the roms to date. (from 2850 to 3050 at least)
-reorganise my room for better usage and easier access

Also during this time, yeo might need me to work on some webpages.

Yesterday tried to set up a webcam to use also. some how it screwed and the program will run itself til it hangs my laptop. there you go, another freebie from china.

Ranna came over yesterday with her husband to pick up the pot of sea-cumcumber duck to bring over to TPY. that was my grandfather's favourite dish. for the past week, mama has been soaking the sea-cumcumber. i'm not sure of the initial size but later on, it grew to a size that it cant be contained fully in the pot it was soaking in... it was as big as my calf. scary... Ranna took some stitch bookmarks from me. other than paying me for them (at cost), she pass me $10 incase i dont have enough to spend. feels funny, but i accepted it anyway. its true i need the money. she passed me some Pastor Prince's cds to listen to also. wow, that guy can talk. and somehow i realise some things that i never realised before. maybe one day i'll go church with her also.

Yan and Ray both lent me $200 each. hope later in the afternoon, yeo will pass me the money so i can pass Ray back. yan say i can keep the money first til she has need for it. (does she think that money kept with me will remain safe til she needs it? hmmm....) anyway i used the money to do a pre-order as well as pick up some of the stuff that i pre-ordered. heng i did, the shop didnt have enough stock for the Nendoroid Neuro and Yako. what i picked up was the last pieces in the shop. also i took my figma Len and Rin.

Should i place an preorder for the Haruhi Suzumiya Extravaganza Ver. ? i dont expect to have money coming in soon. Irin told me to just order Mikuru, but it will just feel so funny without a full set of the 3. haiz... maybe i should just wait... if fate wants me to have it, it will come to me. yen is strong now, so the price sort of rocketed. haiz... wish i was working in japan...


30th November 2008

I feel depress.. Tml is my Tax paper le, tot i finish studying when I tried out the whole revision notes, was thinking that Yeah!! I can pass, but who knows when i went back to try the company tax computation questions again, I realise i forgot everything. Got the feeling that I don't remember a single at all... Mama keep saying is because I feel stress so I forgot, rest awhile then try again la. But i dun feel stress when I was doing the questions. Ahhhh... Out of 3 questions that I tried, I got it all wrong. What is the problem with my stupid brain, what is the problem with me...

Humpf, on top of that, these few days hubby seems to be very busy, doing up the forum, his blog shop, he don't even have time to talk to me. When I need someone to talk to, when I feel pek chek, I can't find him, he don't even bother to reply my sms, he isn't even on msn... All of a sudden Lizzie also disappeared can't find her at all, wonder what happen.. I need someone to talk to but everyone seems so busy.. Humpf...