Friday, February 27, 2009

27th February 2009

Spent most of the day today with Randy, we slack at his place till around 1 plus before going over to chinatown to meet up with slasher for Yum Cha. We had the buffet but I think we didn't really eat a lot, but i ate almost all of the dishes that I wanted to try there, So happy but at the same time sad because the custard rolls and the deep fried tofu balls are not available AGAIN.. Below are some of the pictures that I took. After Yum Cha, The guys accompany me to Ocean at People Park Complex to buy the stuff that I need, the shampoo and bath foam there are really cheap, but I didn't buy a lot.

Lemongrass Jelly with Assorted Fruits, its sweet and little sour, loved this dessert, so refreshing after eating all the oily dim sum.

Fruit & Mayo Spring Roll, Slasher was really surprise that they have this dish.

Steamed Beancurd Skin, didn't really like this, prefer the fried ones.

Scallop and Pea Shoot Dumpling, although I hate pea shoot (dou miao), but I loved this dish, it doesn't have much dou miao taste.

Fried Beancurd Skin, loved this dish a lot think it's because of the prawns, Heez..

Mini Egg Tarts, I love the egg but don't really like the crust, but when it was served it was still warm, so I finished this dish myself.

Fried Silverfish, slasher was in shocked when i told him it was silverfish coz he thought it was the silverfish that we can find in books. Muahahaha, don't like this dish because I think it is far too salty for my taste.

Another thing that I will definately order when I am at Yum Cha, Mango and Prawn Roll, but I think it is not as nice as it was used to be.

Quotes - rek

Anyone who gives a present will be given a piece of happiness in return.

Life should be enjoyed as you're the main cast in your life.

26th February 2009

I spend the day at home today playing 武林英雄, a game that Randy intro me. The game is mainly about completing missions that was given to us. Had a hard time reading all the chinese descriptions at first, was thinking I am getting really rusty with my chinese. The last time that I actually read so many chinese words was when I was in my secondary school days. But i realise the more I played, I get more comfortable with the words. Guess its time for me to read more chinese, but doubt it would happen... hahaha...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

26th feb 2009 - rek

Did some cleaning this morning. tried out the melamin sponge i bought from Daiso. it works surprisingly well... and the tot comes to mind, WTH this is the thing that they put into milk powder?! what are those ppl thinking?! is money really that important?!

Before testing
After testing
You see the obvious line in the center where i cleaned it?

Ideal for cleaning pipe also.


Even the stains of more than 10 years are cleaned in an instant. what the hell... and they make babies eat that?

During cleaning, alot of things can slowly tot over.
stray thought such as why housewives can deal with doing the same boring work day after day. when you think on it, the chore itself is boring, but what drives the person to do it? because its for the family. to want family members to enjoy themselves.

hmmm... come to think of it, i dont think hiring a maid will solve house issues. cleaning, cooking, washing should all be do with affection and care. i doubt that a maid will provide you with that. not to mentions stories of maids putting detergent into soup, mishandling babies, blah blah.
also there will be a different sense of social status. i wan everyone in the same house to be of the same status just that we are all bonded my relations.

Sometimes living under such social environment, an excess pursuit of financial wealth tends to blind us to the things that should really mean something to us. family, friends and other stuff.

Nice weather we are having today... raining and the sky is sort of still bright. hmmm... have you ever sat at a chalet, facing the beach when its raining, just watching the rain, the sea and the green. listening as the rain falls and hit on each blade of glass. just relaxing and drink something.

To some ppl, waiting is a irritating thing to do. but regardless you like it or not, we rush to wait and we wait to rush. so why not make waiting a relaxing, enjoyable process?

25th February 2009

Went for my Financial Management class in the morning, spend most of the time copying and solving some of the questions, was very glad that I understood and was able to calculate most of the items my lecturer, Sami was teaching.

However, one of the Kaplan staff who was in charge of the material collection room kind of spoil my mood today. I was asking to collect the extra booklet of Performance Management notes written by Sami after pauline told me that the notes was given on top the catchup notes that we are suppose to recieve mainly because the notes differs according to the teaching pace of the lecturer, but the idiotic staff keep insisting that there is no such notes, and in fact he even lie that the notes was not given in the catchup classes at all. After Pauline insisted that she was given the notes, the staff even got the face to say they don't have the notes anymore, even if they do, they would have already dispose of them. His attitude was VERY rude, his tone gets louder and harsher every minute. I got extremely pissed off, so I told him straight off his face " Don't have then forget it, You don't have to be so rude". But luckily Sami was passing by the material collection room, he stopped us and ask us what do we need, we told him about the situation and he said that he will get a copy of the notes for me, and ask me to collect it before the start of the next class.

After that pauline and I went over to soup restaurant for our lunch. We ordered two set lunches which consist of rice, soup as well as dessert. The rice wasn't really nice, but I loved the double-boiled soup that we ordered, it was really nice and tasty while the dessert was a little plain. Think the next time I would wanna try the stir-fry sweet potato leaves as well as the sam sui chicken.

The Ginseng Chicken Soup that I had

Corn Soup that Pauline ordered.

My Preserved Soy Bean (tao si) Pork Rib Rice.

Pauline order mushroom chicken rice above.

My dessert: Double Boiled Pear with almonds and White fungus.

Pauline order the Gui Ling Gao..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25th feb 2009 - rek

Stayed at home all day and gamed. sort of satisfied as i maxed my level.

Pet Society max level 34 @ 144000 paw points.

Originally i wanted to hit 200000 just to over take slasher. but while i was leveling hard, one of my friend overtook me by hacking. that sort of killed my passion. haiz... so guess i think dont have to be leveling anymore on pet society. just gather coins to create the look i like ba.

Sometimes i wonder, no doubt leveling is a slow and painful process, but if you wanna hack, why do you wanna play?

Mafia wars and farm town are just waiting game now. think the more interesting one will be molidao ba.

Anyway, will be planning to sleep early tonight. still have the tendenacy to wake at 6am in the morning. so if dont sleep early and cant sleep in the day, dont think i'll be able to get much sleep.

25th feb 2009 - rek

Feeling very relieved as finally completed all the driving lessons. now, only to wait for the test date to come nearer and do revision just before the test date. meanwhile, will be doing mental driving. hahaha

Went to PS to rearrange the display.
How does the current display looks? hope it can bring in more sales.

Currently very crazy on online games: Pet Society, Farm Town, Mafia Wars, Mo Li Dao - Wu Lin Ying Xiong. hahaha~ hmmm... actually not very healthy, when there are alot of other things that i should be doing instead. well, maybe just do a dash to where the leveling gets stagnant. then can play at a more leisurely pace.

Anyway here's a tip for Pet Society if anyone needs. get friends, at least 75 as first 50 will give you 20coins when you visit, 51st to 75th will give you 10coins, beyond that, 5coins each. If you need, go to my friend list, add those ppl who are not local, they confirm to be pet society players. even when your pet is fully cleaned, you can continue to clean to get more coins. using the friends method, you can at least get 1250 per day. so just spend them. ;) note that weekly specials MIGHT not come back, so if you really like them, GRAB!
Dont worry about paw points, as they max out ard 150000. the only thing you get is bigger house - til 6 rooms, upgrades on the ball, rope, frisbee. whats a bigger house for if you dont have the stuff to fill it? T-T look at my house... only first room got stuff.

Frankly, really need to whip myself into action... but lazy...

Monday, February 23, 2009

23rd February 2009

Didn't do much today, settled the paper money that we need for praying tomorrow after I woke in the morning. Tomorrow is mummy's death anniversary so will be going to bishan to pai pai. Didn't have much feelings compared to when I was still young, although I will keep wondering what will it be like if mummy is still around now. But I have to keep such thoughts to myself in my heart cause it might hurt mama's feelings. After Juan woke up she cooked Linguine for both of us, she cooked it with minced pork, white button mushroom, shrimps, red and white cheddar as well as the instant pasta sauce from prego i think. I like it a lot, its not as heavy as the ones in the restaurants nowadays. Finish the whole thing without the feeling of being 'gelat'. Wonder when will be the next time that she will cook again. Yum Yum.

Homecooked Juan's Linguine. The untouched version.

After mixing it.

21st and 22nd February 2009

Guess everyone knows that happens during the weekends after reading the previous entry that Randy has blog so don't think I will write much of it. However he didn't mention that he bought me a Mont Blanc from Rive Gauche after I make a comment that I feel like having it. I think it was sweet and shocking at the same time because he seldom do such things, usually I will have to keep saying and saying before he will get it for me.. Muahaha. Some of the photos that I took of the food that we have are below:

Mango Ice from Ice monster: The guys said that this is a lot better than the one at MOF because of the portion of the mangoes given, on top of that the mangoes are a lot sweeter. But Randy said that the mango are over-ripe mangoes,

Crispy Jumbo Combo consisting of Fried Chicken, Rodeo Wings, Fries, Breaded Shrimps, Fish Fillet and Green Salad: I find the fried chicken too oily, the breaded shrimps too dry, on top of that the green salad was served without any dressing, guess that's why no one ate the lettuce.

Seafood Jumbo Combo From Cartel consisting of crisp-cut fries, breaded shrimps, calamari, fish fillet and mussells : This serving if suppose to be for 3 but we think that the portion is a little too small. Nothing fantastic about the dish but Raymond seems to like the coleslaw.

Macarons from Bakerzin: Love their macarons a lot, they have lots of different favors, some of my favorites are Rose, japanese yuzu, sakura and Chocolate. Bakerzin is having promotions in February where a macaron will only cost $1 currently, so ppl who are interested can try the ones at bakerzin.

This is the mont blanc from Rive Gauche that Randy bought for me. There is suppose to be a chestnut on it, but only after popping the chestnut into my mouth then I realise I forgot to take the picture, which explains why it look so plain.

The cheese baked curry rice that Randy was saying, haha, which is the hamburg doria from Mr Curry, the hamburg is juicy and nice, too bad Randy can't take beef due to the Guan Yin at BBDC, but he love the rice..

Cat's Fried Chicken Curry Rice Set

Tandoori chicken Naan Pizza, didn't like it at all , to me it didn't taste like naan and the tandoori chicken is dry. Doesn't appeal to me, dun really know about the others.

The set lunch that Randy has, breaded shrimp Curry with cheesy salmon pizza, this set only cost $9.90, i think its quite worth it. Muahaha.

Lizzie with the shrimp omelette curry rice that she had always wanted to try after seeing the picture from my previous blog entry.

23th Feb 2009 - rek

Actually, on friday night, me and irin had a really big fight due to the differences we have in our future plans and ideal lifestyle. She's abit angry over the part where i'm spending to go buffet and stuff when i should be saving the money to live on longer. haiz... cant say that she is wrong, but once in a while, i just wanna eat... to enjoy good food...

Maybe from the way i'm behaving now, it looks like i have no ambition. After a very heated arguement with irin, then she realised that i'm actually trying to change my mindset. i wish not to be just another employee anymore. i wan to generate enough income to retire comfortable.

Based on a monthly retirement income of 2k, and the bank's deposit interest rate of 0.25%pa, i need a principal sum of 9,600,000. not very likely to get that amount through normal working and saving. Of course, you can tell me that share and other investments will yield more. but this is just a projection for a wake-up call. only if i can make 10 millions, then can retire without worry.

Sat morning irin came over, we had breakfast while watching kamen rider. heehee first time she did that with me. after that we took a nap before going to to meet irin's friends, cat and liz for Mr. Curry at central mall.

The meal was quite ok. I had the set meal of fried prawns and salmon cheese toast. and also ordered a tandoori chicken naan-bread pizza. curry wise is ok la. the pizza isnt very nice. there is the cheese baked curry rice, that was very nice.

After that, we went over to Ps to put in some stuff for my cupboard. Put in the stand i made for display as well as 2 sets of chibi gallery.
after that, irin and her friends went off and i went over to Marina Square to meet Slasher and Meshelle arrived shortly after i reached.
Didnt really eat anything as i'm not hungry, and order a large drink instead. later junior came with her male friend, purple with her bf and finally Wuqing with his gf. after everyone finished dinner, we went into MS to walk ard. Meshelle caught 2 doreamon at the UFO machine.
Finally we stopped at starbucks for coffee and chilling out. alot of chatting and catching up went on. junior's friend was talking to slasher about career and stuff. somehow i got pulled into the picture. slasher love junior's friend's expression when i made the statement that anything illegal will be sure to generate profit. hahaha

Went for church in the morning alone. then meet irin at mac for some breakfast while waiting for Raymond and Liz to reach and we went swimming. Here's irin and liz hiding under a umbrella to prevent over tanning. hahaha so cute.
after swimming, we went over to PS for lao beijing high tea buffet. since the place was full, we went to cafe cartel instead. haiz... the original plan was for chuan chuan at MS for dinner which will be ard $4 but somehow in between, it changed to lao beijing ard $15.90++ but in the end, it became cafe cartel at $20++. haiz... sian... my finance all dried up. the difficult part about going out with friends, is that you dont wanna spoil sport but you have no control over your financial.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

20th Feb 2009

Guess I am just being lazy about not wanting to blog, keep finding excuses, Muahaha, today lecture was extremely boring, keep falling asleep, lecture was mainly about the various business cycle and the control procedure. So left my class during the break and went over to meet Randy. But had a huge fight over the way he is spending money, he keep nagging at me for spending money like water, but in the end he is the one doing it now, he keep saying he has the GST offset credit, but he doesn't understand that he doesn't have a monthly allowance and the $200 can last for him quite some time, and the money is not coming in till 1st March, why is he spending the money now. Was kind of irritated, but in the end let it go and decide to adopt the forget and ignore thinking.

Friday, February 20, 2009

20th feb 2009 - rek

So happy, the instructor today rectified my wide turning prob. my turning point was the issue. so far, today i completed the circuit with some forgetful mistakes. haiz... really need to mental drive more. the instructor wan me to try to do circuit in a "smoother" method. i have a tendenacy to pause and think what to do next.

Baby, if you think nothing new and important happening equals no need for blogging. everyone wont be blogging lo. blogging is a way of keeping track of our life. if you have nothing to write, maybe a countdown to your next birthday? anyway, everyday, you'll learn something new, just that sometimes, you dont realise it. hey, whose the one schooling here?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

19th February 2009

It's been a really long time since I last blogged, Randy was grumbling about that. Humpf, was thinking that there isn't much interesting things happening in my daily life and I talk to him almost every night on the phone, so there is no point of me blogging ba. Things have been on a roller coaster for the both of us recently, we had a lot of quarrels about whether we are suitable for one another, even decide to break up twice, but manage to talk things through.

Recently, my cousins from the 'Lee' family has finally decided to sit down and design a family t-shirt that we have been talking about for years. We are thinking of using our names too form a heart or a home, but the daddies in the family think its a little too girly, humpf, they are not doing the designing and they are making so much noises was kind of irritated. But the designing was not proceeding as smoothly as what we thought mainly because the daddies are being a pain. But went down to queensway to check out the price of printing t-shirts with my sis and joyce. Realise that its pretty dumb for us to go down and check it out when we didn't really have an confirm idea of what's the rough design going to be like. So we went over to the usual shop we went to previously. After that we had dinner at the HK cafe located at Anchorpoint. I had the Cheese Baked Spaghetti with Pork Chop while My sis had Cheese Baked Rice with Fish fillet. Joyce ordered a pork sandwich and we shared a prawn in beancurd skin.

My Cheese Bakes Spaghetti with Pork Chop

Cheese Baked Rice with Fish Fillet

Prawn with beancurd Skin

Pork Chop Sandwich

19th feb 2009 - rek

managed to clear stage 3 in the first lesson. the instructor says that i have a tendenacy to wide turn and forget to change gear. i forgot to change gear when moving off from the parrellel parking and knock down the back poles. the instructor comment that if i wanted knock down poles, might as well do it when going into the lot. its a waste when i parked nicely and when moving off, make such a mistake.

The 2 lessons of stage 4 are more or less the same. Practise circuit. drive out to the main road. still need to improve on my footwork and eyesighting. 1 day 3 lessons really very shiong. cant feel my left leg after all the half clutch driving.

Alex (Robert) from NYP called me last night to see if i'm interested in a certain MLM. think will arrange to take a look. in my opinion currently, there isnt big money to be made in working a normal job. but that doesnt mean i wont do it, i have to as i'll need to build up funds as well as support my family and myself as much as i can. and of course, my toys. oh, when i say family, i included irin as well. but will need to consider some factors before going back to work.
With my experiences in IT, there is no doubt that i can get more if i chose to go back in the same line. the issue is, IT work is very time-consuming, not well paying and i'm losing interest in it.
If i were to just consider making a living, i'll just go back to IT, but now, i think i want more than to just live. i wan to move higher up the society ladder. i wan to obtain financial freedom. but i wish not to change in my spending needs. i wanna buy the toys that i wan. have buffet once a month. able to pay my own utility bills which might come close to 400+ hmmmm.... lets see things and move on.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

18th Feb 2009 - rek

Was abit unhappy today. when i reach the driving center and check the booking, there was a slot at 4pm. so i placed my slot at 6pm for try-sell and hope to get the one at 4pm. end up both slots were sold. -_-"

haiz... guess have to live with it then. anyway, yan helped me booked another 2 lessons for next monday and tuesday. hopefully what she says is correct and that the test will not be cancelled til the 25th feb.

Today's lessons was quite smooth and the instructors were good. i passed 5 points today. Yan talked to the 2nd instructor to take better care of me. anyway, not worried as the subjects he passed were quite easy and straight forward. think might need more practice with the parrellel parking and vertical parking.

Maybe it might be good that i cant make it for the test also. if i dont have enough practice, i feel that even if i pass, i might not be "safe" enough for the road.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

17th feb 2009- rek

Overnapped last night and work up at 2am this morning. start up all the pc abit, check phone and then went to bath.

after that, talk to irin abit before going back to sleep again.

Took some money from ma to top up on the driving. looks like will need to rush abit.

The instructor today seems new and young. but he only passed me .01 stage when i did the lane change... stupid... so next lesson i'll be doing lane change again THEN start on new subjects. why am i getting all the new instructors? stupid yan not working.

anyway, booked 3 lessons on wed, 3 lessons on thursday, 1 lesson on friday. if i can get 1 more lesson in on friday, i'll have 25 lessons in total. then hopefully i can bargain to carry on with the test date while taking more lessons in the 2 weeks space.

went to chill at centerpoint mac while i wait for irin to finish her lessons. hmmmm... very nice enviroment here. and can surf net too. i'm currently playing mafia wars and pet society on facebook.

Went to meet irin while she waiting for class booking. then after that, went over to OG to grab some socks before heading over to marina square food court for lunch. nice environment to chill out.

After which, send her home and return home myself.

was glad that i didnt take up any class today and chose to spend time with irin today. irin keep getting the impression that i dont wanna meet her, but i think it's because i dont wan her to misbalance her time and its very easy to as she have alot of free time after lesson. the impression how time is flying by might be very different. usually, before you know it, times is coming to a end soon and everything seems to be in a rush.

haiz... human are borned to be lazy. we'll find ways and means to make life more comfortable for ourselves.

17th feb 2009- rek

Overnapped last night and work up at 2am this morning. start up all the pc abit, check phone and then went to bath.
after that, talk to irin abit before going back tosleep again.
Took some money from ma to top up on the driving. looks like will need to rush abit.
The instructor today seems new and young. but he only passed me .01 stage when i did the lane change... stupid... so next lesson i'll be doing lane change again THEN start on new subjects. why am i getting all the new instructors? stupid yan not working.
anyway, booked 3 lessons on wed, 3 lessons on thursday, 1 lesson on friday. if i can get 1 more lesson in on friday, i'll have 25 lessons in total. then hopefully i can bargain to carry on with the test date while taking more lessons in the 2 weeks space.
went to chill at centerpoint mac while i wait for irin to finish her lessons. hmmmm... very nice enviroment here. and can surf net too. i'm currently playing mafia wars and pet society on facebook.

Monday, February 16, 2009

16th feb 2009 - rek

Wake up early and went for driving lessons.

During the some bad habits are still not corrected. still have the tendacy to to look down and turning wise wasnt sharp enough.

the rest room wasnt opened during the break, so i actually took a nap, sitting outside the classrooms. haiz...

Second lesson goes into stage 3 liao. did reversing and parking. got alot of practising to do. then when we went to try the S turn, the instructor was surprised that i went through it at a higher speed but didnt hit any curb. later when we did the turn again at a slower pace, didnt managed to clear it smoothly. haiz... after the lesson, the instructor comment that my judgement in where to make the turn was very good but i have a tendenacy to speed up halfway through the S-turn and for some reason, i have a better control of the car when travelling at a higher speed. hahaha

Sunday, February 15, 2009

15th Feb 2009 - rek

My Dinner last night.

There's a craving for meat but i have to stay off chicken - cough, beef - BBDC Guan Yin super big, dont offend. so i have to settle for the next best thing. mince meat in bean paste. hahaha good and cheap. with Tong Yi Abalone and Chicken noodle and a can of Seasons Ice Lemon Tea.

Actually was thinking of going to buffet the following day after service with Raymond and Boon. Boon not free. think think abit, wallet also abit tight.

Went over to church. was late and had to sit on the floor of the overflow room.

Went over to Bras Brasah to pick up some tools and more acrylic tubing. then went over to PS to rearrange the shelfing.
Idea for display rite? good for displaying book marks.

The tools which i got.

Friday, February 13, 2009

13th feb 2009 - rek

Went for driving in the early morning. made some improvement today. have to remember, use eyes to see far, use feet to control clutch, use ears to listen if the engine need a higher gear or more acceleration.

Was very happy when the afternoon instructor said that, should be able to make it for the test as i'm pass half the course now.

The lunch i had at BK at west mall when i rush over to print photos to put in the V-day card i was making for irin. BK big fish burger. what a joke. so small now... end up not having enough time for a short nap.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

12th Feb 2009 - rek

Woke up groggy and went for driving lessons. cough seems to be much better now.

The first instructor today was very detailed in instructing. he expects me to push up to a higher gear whenever possible.
After his lessons, i learn that, even when turning, you also can push up gear. cos in a wide turn, if you proceed to turn at only gear 1, it will be very very slow. checking of blind spot needs to be swift and sharp.
The second instructor only took me once but he remembers my bad habits of glancing at the dashboard, pedals and gear. he spoke to me in hokkien from time to time. hahaha. while trying to absorb his instructions, sometimes i dont react to his commands fast enough. haiz...

today's pointers,
checking blind spots must be fast.
Listen to the vehicles rather than looks at the meters.
U-turning must be sharp and returning fast.
Sighting, as per normal, have to practice more. look farther ahead when driving straight. look at the right areas when turning.

After lesson, went over to meet boon to walk ard bras brasah looking at books.
For dinner, after looking through various resturants, we finally settled at the ramen shop in marina square.

Set A at $15 (exclusive of GST)
1 ramen below $11
1 side dish below $6
1 can drink

Set B at $18 (exclusive of GST)
1 ramen above $11
1 side dish below $7
1 can drink

We went for set A. ramen wise is ok... no big hooha. average...
but the resturant was nice and quiet, ideal for chatting.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

11th feb 2009 - rek

Woke up early in the morning to take the meat out of the fridge for ma ma to cook for offerings to great grandpa.

Changed my bedsheets, washed my blankets and set my blankets out to dry.

After that, went for driving. hmmm... today was doing better. braking is smoother, but will need improvement in some areas.
Rapid acceleration need to improve.
Acceleration after lane change and turning.
Check of blind spot need to do more obviously.
The instructor comment that timing might be abit tight for test. hmmm... lets finish and see how.

Went home after that as cough and flu seems to be coming back.

10th feb 2009 - rek

Woke up this morning and went for driving.

Bad bad day... flu acting up. head hazy... cant stay alert. made many mistakes. instructor was hopping mad. haiz...

went to meet irin. made her angry also. end up going home to rest. irin bought me some flu medicine. we watched twilight abit before i concuss.

sent irin to tpy mrt. on my way home, the bus 28 malfunction at the braddell flyover. -_- got stuck there for 1 hour plus. sian...


Two of the nendoriod which i chose to forgo for now. due to the inflation of yen dollars or the workings of the toy merchants, the price rose from 42 to the current 50. and thats pre-order price. -_- how to buy? not to mention that i have no money to buy at the moment. also even if i buy, also no place to display for now. shrug. just ranting. baby, dont buy this for me. not worth it lah. if wanna buy...


is much better. but also not worth the price for the time being...

best if you dont get me toys, pricing are too inconsistance. few months down the road, these could be selling at 20 or 30 dollars. hahaha better to be hunting. more fun.

Monday, February 9, 2009

9th feb 2009 - rek

Woke up early and went to learn driving.

Lots of things i have to practise.
i have a tendance to release brake when changing gear. have to change.
not releasing the brake when about to stop= jerky stop. have to change.
tend to "float" to left or right side of the road. have to readjust my eyeline.
Overall, the 2 main things on driving, footwork and sighting, have to improve alot.

On my way to PS, A kid came over to me and started to imitate the way i was sitting. after which he started to play with my bag. in the end i gave him the one-pieve bell with luffy before alighting.

Yeo transfered me 400 and i topped up abit to pay off the M1 bill. Raymond keep saying that i should transfer the line's ownership to yeo and so on. i got angry at him and sort of flamed him. yeo regardless of what, was once a friend and a partner. what ray is asking me to do is like severing all ties. 人情留一线,他日好相见。anyway, i apologised to ray for flaring like that.

tried to shop ard for something for irin... end up cant find anything ideal. and i have too little money to do so... haiz... see how la.