Thursday, April 30, 2009

29th April 2009 (Aston & MOF) - Rin

Went for F9 class in the morning, after which met with Randy and we travel over to marina sq to meet slash for lunch. Went over to the food court at Marina sq as usual, I had my yummilicious ayam penyat, steamed har gao and prawn dumpling with spinach. Randy ate the oyster omelette that I loved but this time the portion seems smaller and its no longer as nice as previously, he also ordered 2 popiah from 奇记 as well. Slash had fish with rice from the western stall, he was saying the western store auntie thought he was a foreigner so she speak with some weird weird slang. Muahaha. After lunch, we walk around home fix cause Slasher wanted to get a drill for his wall. Went over to Gloria jeans to study till round 730 before heading over to Aston's Specialties Newly opened branch at suntec for dinner, we were pretty surprised that there wasn't much queue as we expected. Below are some of the pictures of the food that we had there.

Cream of Mushroom Soup: It tasted like the Campbell one, nothing really special about this.

Prime Rib Eye Extra Cut: I had it medium rare served with baked beans and coleslaw while liz had it medium with mashed potato and coleslaw, the steak was nicely done to our liking unlike my previous experience at the east coast branch, on top of that I really loved the sauce they are offering here, think it might be because of that liz really loved her steak a lot..

Slash's rack of pork ribs, he keep saying its a lot and he can't finish it, but all of us was thinking ribs don;t really have a lot of meat what? Hahaha, but come to think of it, it might be due to the baked potato and the pasta salad OR his appetite is really small compared of ours.

Randy's Prime Sirloin Steak (medium) served with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. He finish the whole thing but he wasn't full, guess the serving might be a little small for him. He prefer the sauce at TPY hawker to this one, so I am more than honoured to finish his. Muahahaha...

Raymond's Prime Sirloin (Medium) with Coleslaw and Mashed Potato, I was a little shocked with he wanted it medium, cause he usually ordered his steak medium rare, like me he like the "bloody taste". Muahaha, at the same time he really loved the coleslaw as well.

We can see that Liz is very happy with her steak right?

Randy cutting his sirloin, personally I didn't really like sirloin cause after cooking it, it's usually harder than Ribeye and it has a layer of fats on top of the meat.

Ray seems really happy rite? He had always wanted to try Aston and finally he had the chance.

Slash's evil face with his Snapple cranberry...

Me with my Rib eye, I really loved it a lot...

Its really up to my expectations this time, look at the colour of the steak.
After Aston, we decided to go for our usual 2nd round which is dessert, hahaha, slasher was really shocked that all of us can still eat after Aston. After discussing for a while, we decided on MOF (Ministry of Food) since I have the membership card, and there will be a 10% discount.

Ray's mango "Ice Kachang" with Soft Serve, boon & ray has always called this dish Ice kachang mainly because of the ice shaving underneath the soft serve.

Lizzie's Macha Zen: Red Bean paste with dango and macha gelato.

My gelato waffle, it's really yummilicious, the favour that I had was creamy and thick durian, refreshing watermelon and sweet rockmelon..

Slash ordered a Chocolate Sundae with Kanta Jelly.

Randy's Macha Sundae with Kanta Jelly (which is good for digestion cause it contains fiber)

Guess what is Randy looking at?

There are 3 spoons here, guess who uses which?

Here's the answer, slashers uses the big big one as well as the red one at the same times he also uses the longer version of my tiny tiny teaspoon. Liz and I asked the waitress for a bigger spoon after Slash complain about the spoon being too small, and guess what, the waitress came back with a soup spoon just like what Liz had predicted.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

25th April 2009 - Rin

Yeah... I finally bought the hair velcro that 女人我最大 recommended online, was looking for it all over singapore but sasa is selling at $6.90 which I think it's extremely expensive, so went over to ebay to look for it, and I found it at 3 packs of 2 selling at $8, the prices are of so much diff, think sasa must have mark up the price by a lot. Ordered from the seller on tuesday and it has arrived today by mail, both the seller and Mr postman was really efficient.

The envelop that I recieved, it is environment friendly so it can be recycled, and the seller was sweet enough to put a do not stack there as well. The seller is really prompt at mailing the orders, making me really pleased, so guess I might wanna order more stuff that I am interested in from her.

My hair velcro in the pink, black and blue.

Daddy decided to cook dinner today instead of eating out, was so happy about it, It's been a long time since daddy cooked dinner for us. Outside food has lots of MSG but due to my parents having to work, they doesn't usually cooked. The dishes today are yummilicious, especially the soup. Wonder when will daddy cook again? Humph...

Pig Stomach soup, it's really peppery and tasty, the way my granny used to cooked.

Chinese Spinach (Puay Leng) with faked abalone, the usual veg that that daddy cooked, cause this is one of the three types of veg that my little sister is willing to eat, and its the easiest to find.

Fried garlic batter prawns, a dish that my sis requested for, it's been a really long time since we had this, daddy purposely went over to sheng siong at Commonwealth to get the prawns.

Chai po egg ( 菜蒲蛋), i think the chinese version is wrong, muahaha, not sure which pu is it. Think daddy put too much chai po so it tasted quite salty, but it goes well with rice. Daddy steamed fish with spicy bean paste for dinner as well, but he said that we shouldn't take picture of the whole fish, not good, so there's no picture, humph...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Daidomon, St Games & Benten Cafe - Rin

Randy and I met up with Liz, Jon and Slash in the morning at around 11, went for daidomon after saying for so long, its a charcoal bbq restaurant @ united square. Had a lot of food (pork belly, loin, kidney, chicken wing and leg, etc) and we crap a lot as well when we were there. Think this place is kind of small but it's really suitable for everyone especially the ladies, cause we won't really need to worried we will smelled like bbq, we was there for nearly 3 hours and after we left we didn't even smell a hint of smoke, not sure if it is due to the charcoal they use or the high ceiling that they have. It's a place I would definately go back again.

The bbq metal wiring with the best charcoal I had ever seen, the charcoal uncle did a really really really good job.

Lizzie ordering the food.

Us. But with Randy covering his face with his green tea.

The sauce given to us, the one on the left is lime juice while the one on the right is some kind of korean sauce, it's a little salty.

The sushi included in the buffet menu.

Salmon & butter fish sashimi, the salmon one was nice but the butter fish tasted like raw cod fish, didn't like the oily feeling, it's like eating fats.

2 of the side dishes they offer, deep fried baby squid and chicken. Other dishes include fried rice, fried noodles, braised pork with mushroom as well as japanese hotppt (ie oden).

Jon's & Slash's bbq, it's looks nice and meaty isn't it?

Randy's, liz's and my side of bbq, slash keep saying we are the so called healthy gang, cause we have veg on our bbq all the time.

BBQ cabbage, Don't judge it by the way it looks, its really yummy

Vegetable platter. (Cabbage, corn, sweet potatoes, lady fingers, onions, pumpkin) Personally I think it would be a lot better if they include eggplant and capsicum as well.

Lamb intercostal or inter something. Didn't really like this, the lamb smell was really heavy despite the seasonings. This is the only meat that they supply butter.

Pig tongue, it's really chewy and crunchy.

Another of my favourite, kidneys, if you are bbq this, think it might be better and easier to cook if you ask for the aluminum bowl from the waitress.

Pork Liver, its a little hard to bbq pork liver, its my first and I have no doubt my last time doing that.

Porl (Left) and Chicken (Right) Saugage. The Pork one is really salty, but the chicken one was still ok, but personally I didn't like it.

Chicken Mid joint and boneless chicken leg, the chicken mid joint was nice after bbq.

Pork Belly, Liz's and my favourite among all the meats.

Pork Loin with their specialty sauce, randy liked this.

Raspberry Ripple Ice cream, it felt really nice to have something sweet after so much of meaty and salty food

After our buffet lunch @ Daidomon, all of us went over to St games located @ novena sq 2, was thinking of trying out the palce as the game console rental place at cineleisure was really expensive. Tubei came over to join us at around 2 plus 3. We spend about $17 each inclusive of the lifetime memebership, 3 hours of gaming, a drink as well as a slice of cake. We played quite a number of games such as house of the death 2, raving rabbits, mario kart, cooking mama and etc. All of us had lots of fun playing raving rabbits.

Slash & Jon playing mario kart, Jon was the champion, he played with a single hand.

Liz and me, waiting to start on our house of death, its unlike the arcade ones, its so much more difficult to aim using the wiii control

All of us left St games at around 5.30pm, after straining out arms muscle. Muahahaha, we went over to iluma @ bugis, was exploring the mall, realise there are lots of shops selling guys stuff there, so guys who love shopping can check it out. There were a handful of restaurant there was well, but nothing seems to catch our attention, so we decide to go to coffee bean for some coffee before going over to benten cafe for my ultimate ice cream challange.

Most of us wasn't hungry but liz and I wanted something salty so we decided to try the hamburg with demi-glace sauce, the sauce was simply the heinz canned version, so was kind of disappointment, but I loved the fries a lot.

Choice of hamburg with bread of rice, neither of us wanted rice, so we ordered bread. I didn't really like it

Our ultimate ice cream challange, this huge tub of ice cream cost us $38.80, there are lots of toppings, but we were kind of disappointed which we realise that the ice cream that they used are normal vanilla ice cream instead of soft serve. We found lots of corn flakes in the middle and at the bottom of the tub as well, the corn flakes was really making all of us full so we didn't manage to finish the tub

Ice Cream toppings: Bananas, kiwis, oranges, blueberries, honeydew, apples, caramel puddings, marble cake, chocolate wafer sticks and last but not least rainbow ice cream. The rainbow ice cream tasted exactly like wall's paddle pop.

My current buffet gang, raymond and boon couldn't make it because one has a family dinner and another had a badminton game.

This is what is left, we managed to clear at least 3/4 of the tub, which is a huge accomplishment.

The fruits that was unwanted, namely the oranges and pineapples that looks ridiculously sour.