Sunday, November 30, 2008

29th November 2008

Didn't study much today, woke up only at 11, even though i woke up a few time coz of daddy was watching tv and the volume was quite loud. After that went for brunch with my parents, Juan wasn't at home cause she slept over at my cousin's place. Study a bit here and there in the afternoon, daddy was connecting the old amplifier and radio from his room to our room, a lot of noise as he was testing the system, but manage to get something to my brain. Daddy suddenly made the comment that when I study I really concentrate on it. Even though I was pretty happy about the comment, it also shows that Daddy dun really know me very well.

In the evening when out for dinner with my parents, Juan and linda to celebrate juan's bday. Went to Zi Ran at Lengkok Bahru for Zi Char. Order quite a bit, some of the things are

  • Cereal Prawns
  • Mushroom, Abalone with Spinach
  • Abalone Sauce Ee Fu Mee
  • Scallop and Mushroom Chowder
  • Pork Rib King
  • Steamed Cod Fish
  • Black Pepper Crab

Ordered Black Pepper Crab because Juan wants it, even though I keep saying I wanted to try the baked crab with salted egg yoke.. Too bad it wasn't my birthday. Humpf.. but overall the food was not bad, like the black pepper crab even though I hate black pepper, the pepper was really spicy so it was not bad. The noodles and everything was justok. Humpf.. Ok la.. I have to go back to my studies le... I will blog again tml... Ciaoz..


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rek's room maintenance

After i moved the monitor and the keyboard drawer away:

After some cleaning up:

Room state before cleaning:

After reorg:

Post inspired by atbt - rek

Yes dear, love you much much.

after reading atbt's blog, i start to think about a story.

Once there was a artist who spotted a giant rock which was shaped beautiful. in love with the rock, he took the rock home. day in day out, he sat beside the rock mesmerised by its beauty.

then one day, he found a certain part of the rock to be slightly not too perfect. so he took up a hammer and chisel and shaped that part slightly. after shaping that part, he found another part that isnt nice and shaped that part as well.

after shaping several parts, he's finally satisfied with the rock. when he took a step back and look again, the rock is shaped in the excat image of himself.

Loving someone is about accepting. accepting one's good and bad points. accepting queer habits and behaviour. accepting the fact that she maybe someone you love more than yourself.

28th November 2008

Had been studying today, but realise that I didn't study a lot, dunno y seems to spend a lot of time on law. Humpf, but tomorrow die die have to start on Tax le, if not there won't be enough time, the thought of traveling to expo for my paper is killing me, have to be on the stupid train for so long, sian and Hall 1 is so far from the train station. Why can't they have it at hall 6 instead?

Think there are some worms in my stomach, I eat a lot but I am not full at all, so keep eating and eating, had dumpling(ba chang) and some har gao for lunch, then had some campbell chicken noodle soup with luncheon meat at around 4, Sichuan vege Ban Mian for dinner, some biscuits and a cup of milk for supper. On top of that I drank like 4 litres of water today, and i am still not full.. Humpf, I feel like a pig, keep eating and eating!!!

Had a tiff with randy this afternoon think I was being unreasonable, probably too much studying gets me moody. Humpf, but we manage to patch up and things are fine now. All of a sudden I realise I still love him a lot even after we are together for so long.. Heez... "Hubby, I love you, Do you love me?"


Friday, November 28, 2008

28th Nov 2008 - rek

1st day of the 11th Lunar Month. happen to be a 大凶 day as well. yeo said he seen 7 accidents while he was on the way to pick me. and we spot another one on the way to office. so when old ppl tell you to be careful, dont play play ah.

Oh, i happen to rediscover my cure for headache. you wont believe it. COKE! 2 cans of coke and i'm ok! amazing... maybe i just lack caffeine. hahaha

didnt go many places today. just go PS to put in my stuff, then go turn turn abit. today's score: chip - 6, dale - 5, mickey - 3, donald - 1.

27th November 2008

Didn't study much today, but manage to complete law today. Guess tomorrow will be practising some law questions and studying a bit of tax.. My leg haven recover from the muscle cramp i had, wonder when will it even recover?Anyway Things have been a rollercoaster for me today, have a lot of mixed feelings, but dun think I will elaborate about it.. Guess I need sometime to make it go away..


Thursday, November 27, 2008

27th Nov 2008 - rek

Time now is 7.58pm.

went to work feeling sick. completed everything, went to suntec for a round and went back home to rest.

forgot to take panadol before my nap, hence the waking with a headache at this hour.

Gachapons haul today: chip - 2, dale - 5, minnie - 1, pinocchio - 2
ratio maintained good.

brain not functioning that well, pardon the short entry.

26th Nov 2008 - rek

Went to work with a headache today. took 2 panadol before i left for work. then somehow cant take it liao, bring client's pc home to work on it. took another 2 panadol before i start to nap. Irin skipped class and came over. later in the evening, we went over to suntec to turn gachapons and meet boon and ray for archery.

Looks like Ray's not taking an interest in the sport. this time, think i'm the top scorer. after 1 round of warming up shots, my next half game (share with irin, 6 arrows each) had 5 arrows in the yellow circle. after that, i joked with irin that we should share game and challenge score. then she can have 10 arrows while i use 2. and i might still be able to beat her. hahaha

turned the mario magnets with irin, the product wasnt bad at all... firstly, its 3-dimensional. for round pieces like the turle shell, the magnet is actually "free" so that you can have whichever side you wan to stick to the surface. irin now wants a set. i think i'll at least get both shells to play with.

Disney boron strap: chip- 6, dale- 3
today's extras of pinocchio and minnie sort of balance out my excess stuff. maybe its time to stop turning.

according the email i recieved, toy and toys got new stuff for me to pick up. but they havent called me yet. hope its delayed as i havent got enough money to pick them up.


26th November - Archery & Marvelous Cream

Went for class this morning and afternoon, nothing special, last day seeing Roy Goh, don't know whether to be happy or sad about it, since I am leaving the class without knowing a lot of the FRS and if I will pass tha paper. Humpf, went to meet hubby, he so poor thing having a awful headche and he is feeling giddy at the same time, massage his head a little and he took a nap at home before we went to meet Raymond and Boon at Suntec.

Archery today was not bad, a lot of people came in to play after we started, maybe we brought the crowds in, Muahaha, sound so bua bar.. hee hee. The top scorer of the day is of course hubby lo, even with his headache he can score 52 out of the 6 arrows that he shot. A lot of funny things happens during archery like the suaning one another and the joke about shooting numerous arrow in one go. Humpf, they thought we are playing in maple meh... Anyway, the Carl's Junior at Suntec close down le, don't know the reason for it, maybe its under reno, but it is not stated lei. Last week when we went down, it is still open as per normal. Humpf weird so we went to the food court for dinner instead. Btw, we went to take a look at the gacha and hubby turn a bit here and there, Hubby turn a mario kart magnet for me, the star is so cute, its 3D instead of the usual flat flat 2D kind of magnet, he turn a turtle shell for himself too. Think I might want the whole set.. Ahem, hubby u know what to do le hor...

The Star Star Magnet that Hubby turn for me.. so cute, it is now permenantly staying on my metal board on my desk with my photos.

All the different design of the magnet, all look so nice, except the power boc obviously. Think Mario Kart Fans will love this a lot.

Last but not least, we had marvelous cream as dessert the previous time I had ice cream there, the strawberry and mango are all sour. Humpf, but decide to go back again cause I wanted to try the Mont Blanc (chestnut dessert). But I think the branch the Singapore does not have all the favours. I remember seeing different varieties of chestnut ice cream on the adver that was shown on the tv in the shop, but who knows they don't have it, went to check the webbie of marvelous cream japan, they have a lot of other favours that the Singapore branch doesn't have. Humpf, lousy, I should go japan for my different favours of Mont Blanc someday.

Marvelous Cream, it is said to be a French Sweet Parfait, but when we went into the shop, we was agreed in Japanese, Humpf.. Wonder is this a French or Japanese shop?

Mont Blanc.. One of the desserts that I love so much coz I am a sucker when it comes to chestnut.. Haha, and don't even bother relating it to the Mont Blanc (Pens).. It's different!!!

Boon's Rum Raisin Custard Pie.. It doesn't seem like there is custard n it thou, but both Boon and Hubby says that the Raisin is nice (soak with alcohol?)

Rocky Road Classic, think it has marshmallow, brownies and almonds with Belgium Chocolate Ice Cream..

I have no idea what are they doing.. Just a candid shot that I took . Main aim is to catch boon on camera.. Muahaha

Boon with his Rum Raisin Custard Pie in Waffle cone, But I still dun see or taste any custard lei..

Obviously u can see, he is finishing it, humpf, I only have like 2 mouthful.. :(

Hubby eating his Rocky Road Classic, he looks happy!!

Can You See from my face that I am very happy with my Mont Blanc?


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

25th November 2008

Went for class today, it's a little rush cause there is a lot to accomplish and Roy doesn't joke much today, so it's kinda of boring. All I did was busy copying and drawing Timelines. I only had a cup of coffee today, but it seems that I am more alert as compare to yesterday when I had more caffine. During the class I realise that there are a lot of theories and FRS that I am unsure about (like how to post, post to where). Think I am officially dead... Still have so much to study for exams and there is 5 days left. My stress level about to max le.. Hopefully I can finish studying law by tomorrow and start on tax as soon as possible.

Been looking forward to wednesday, meeting hubby and the guys for archery. But all of a sudden, no longer have to mood for it. Just feel like taking a break from studies and rest and spend some quiet time alone with hubby. But he don't seem to understand how I feel now, try telling him that I no longer have the mood for archery and I don't feel like going le, but he just keep asking me to go for it and enjoy myself. Humpf... Won't be meeting him for the next 2 weeks after tomorrow cause I need to prepare, study and go for my exams. Humpf.. And guess what.. my freaking exam venue for this semester is at Singapore Expo Hall 1 instead of RJC, it's so far and I don't even know how to go there except that I can take a train to expo. I don't even know where is Hall 1. Hubby was saying it is quite far for the Expo train station. Humpf, hopefully I can find my way to the Hall on time without getting lost ba...


25th Nov 2008 - rek

Stay at home to prepare a PC for my client. had lunch at home too.

watched kungfu panda in the afternoon, almost late in heading out for RT IPPT. heng somehow on time, was 7th. you'll need to be in the first 50 in order to leave earliest. think thursday for jurgen will be worse, as phrase 1 and phrase 2 IPPT que up for the test.

After which, went over to Toy Outpost to put in some stock. a shopkeeper told me that my price are abit on the high side compared to the other merchants. i told her its ok. then i went off. maybe i should point out to her that although the other merchants are selling it cheaper, but none of them are selling in sets. and i believe some of my old sets are hard to get.

Today had also a good result. Chip :1 Dale :7 but now cash running abit low... lets hope yeo pays me some more as this coming friday is my last day. dont think i'll have a steady income for a while...


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

24th November 2008

Today is a busy day... Busy Busy Busy!! Had class both in the morning and the afternoon, had to see Roy Goh for the whole day, but at least he crack some jokes here and there so the class is not tat boring. But I do feel like a zombie nearing the end of the class who are just blindly copying and not absorbing what he say, even after my 2 cups of coffee from toast box. Humpf, Will be seeing him for next 2 days oso.. haiz.. Wonder what it will be it be like tomorrow..

Hubby give me a surprise when he came to pick me up from school today, feel so Xin Fu.. but we only manage a little time together cause I am feeling extremely tire and I have to come home to study. Stupid Law, I am only at chapter 10(total of 19 chapters) and I still have another 3 paper to study for. Humpf. Wonder if I can finish studying for my exams on time..

The pillow that mama bought for me yesterday is so tall that I could barely even sleep last night. Although it is written ultra soft but i dun find it soft at all, find it rather uncomfortable (I describe it as springy but juan describe it as being Q, as if we are eating :P). Hope today I can sleep better ba..


24th Nov 2008 - rek

Went to work today. blah blah blah, finished work ard 3pm.

went to chinatown and vivo to turn gachapons, then went over to pick up irin after her classes.

After sending irin home, went over the vivo again to meet up with jurgen and the rest. turn abit, shop abit, then went on to ps to turn. after which, went to cineleisure to see if there are any new gachapons there. nope. then we walked til shaw house to take 105 home.

long tiring day... me hungry when i reached home, so me cooked a packet of instant mee.

not too bad a haul today. chip:3 dale :8

spongey was looking for boron strap 2 too. looks like she's short of chip and dale. not sure if she wanna extras of that for using or selling, or she just wanna complete her set. whichever the case, i dont be able to release any chip and dale as i'll be needing them to form sets for ppl. if you chose not to join me, sorry, i cant help you.


Monday, November 24, 2008

23rd November 2008

Stayed at home the whole day, didn't really manage to study a lot, humpf.. still have a lot left to study for law. When i recalled back I can't even remember what I did at home for the whole of todayt. Fainted.. Anyway Hubby went to the animefest with raymond and wuqing today. Feel kinda of left out because I was interested in the fest too but i can't go. Heard there are people cosplaying there... Haiz..

Mama and Juan went out with my aunt and cousin today, in the end Mama came back without buying anything, Juan bought a pair of mailinda crocs in baby pink(which is the same as linda's) and they bought me a pillow and the ear plugs that I wanted for so long. Could say that I was quite happy that i still get the things that I wanted without having to shop for it myself. Feel kind of glad that I didn't go coz they shop around mainly at centerpoint and OG which are places I pass by almost everyday when I have classes.. Ok.. guess its time for me to go back to my books.. Ciaoz..


Sunday, November 23, 2008

23th Nov 2008 - rek

DIE~!~!~! Woke up late for RT. apparently, i set the alarm on the wrong time. oh well, maybe its time to test the system. PTI say can skip 2 times of RT. lets see if thats true.

there was apop sound when i was using my pc. then the display never came back. think it finally decided to go. however, think this is a case of mainboard prob as well cos even when i remove the video card and turned the pc on, the sound warning for no-video card never came. funny part is that the pc can still be used as a network file server. lets see how things goes from here.

Went over to the afa08 early. met up with ranna to get another pass for myself and had breakfast with her. megamuffin isnt really that mega afterall... had a nice long talk with ranna, she tried to talk me into going to her church as well. hahaha. maybe should try.

took a lot of pictures at afa. see alot of things quite nice. helped a lady to complete her set of sonny angels (i call them Kun Man Tong) as well as get my own set. the bandai ppl seeing me helping me help the lady, gave me extra of the exclusive sonny angels. song! since there is a promo to give you one exclusive for every one you turn, i got already 6 of them. but hey~ still SONG!

came home and packed claypot fish head for my parents. ate abit with them also.


22nd November 2008

Went over to Hubby place this morning and spend the very very short time together as time passes real fast, it's like in a blink and its evening, time for me to go home. Humpf. Although time was short but it was enjoyable, no quarrels no arguements just sweet sweet time alone.

After hubby sent me home instead of to my aunt place for the family gathering, I took a little nap for about an hour, then i woke up and started studying law. Glad that my whole family is at my aunts place, the environment at home was very peaceful and quiet without any distractions, great for studying.

After my family came home and I have a chat with mama, then realise that Mama and Juan is going shopping tml WITHOUT me. My first reaction was how can they do this to me, esp in this period when my exams are coming soon. I love shopping but due to my financial I have been unable to do so for the past month and now they are going Without me. Feel like cursing and swearing. But after thinking about it, its good that they are going out, cause it will be peaceful and quiet again, then i can concentrate on my studies. Hope I can finish at least 3/4 of law tomorrow. Finger Crossed !


22th Nov 2008 - slight drizzle

Irin came over to spend time with me for the day. we slept and watched tv. it was all very nice, only that in this way, time goes very fast.

even thought it was short, but i dont regret spending time that way. rather to have a short enjoyable time than a long unhappy one. :)

after sending irin home, i went over to suntec for afa08. met up with tubei there. listen to a very powerful concert. see a few toys i wanted, in the end, only got the zhao yun gundam. for now.