Wednesday, May 13, 2009

12th May 2009 - Rin

Wake up at around 1pm in the afternoon, finally got all the sleep that I needed but still feeling depress like yesterday. Didn't go for my F9 mock exam cause I couldn't finish studying yesterday after quarreling with daddy yesterday over some stupid lappie and tv problem, I kept crying and crying and crying last night. He came home at around 2 plus today and since I am not on talking terms with him, I locked myself up in my room studying for my F5 mock. Spent more than 2 hours on one stupid learning curve theory, dunno what's the problem with me, it so simple and yet I couldn't it out. Haiz, my sis came home at around 6 plus in the evening with a set of teeth that she made, everyone must be wondering why would she be making a set of teeth, the answer is she has to cause she is taking dental hygiene & therapy at NYP. Had lots of laughter after she came home, I was a little crazy making lots of funny funny noises. ok, guess i am done blogging. Till the next time, Ciaoz..

Part of my pile of books that I have to complete by June. Think everyone can see I have a very messy person. Muahaha.

The set of teeth that my sis brought home.

She said this is how the teeth is suppose to look, the upper jaw shouldn't be right on top of the bottom one. So weird.

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