Friday, May 22, 2009

Randy's birthday celebration on the 16th of May 2009 - Rin

Celebrated Randy's birthday for him on the 16th of May, and i am finally blogging about it after compiling the photos that was on my phone's cam as well as lizzie's cam.

I went over at around 9 in the morning to give Randy a surprise because the day before i keep telling him that I can only make it in the afternoon and couldn't spend the whole day with him. He wasn't as surprise as i expected him to be, haiz, think I shocked him too much previously. On that same day, it was also Randy's great grandmama death anniversary which explains why there are a lot of food at his place and us not wanting to meet the others earlier. Meshelle came to pick us up at around 4 and drove us to suntec to meet the others. We went over to Aston for dinner as Randy requested and after that was bakerzin for cutting of cake and drinks, we only stayed till around 9 plus afterwhich meshelle sent randy back to camp and me home.

The feast that Randy's parents cooked.

The yummilicious curry that Randy's papa cooked, I simple loved it.

Randy opening the card that I gave him, actually he wanted to open it later when i am not around, but after my endless grumbling, he decided to give in.

A kiss for his birthday. Muahahaha... Think everyone's hair must be standing right now.

The Snapple gang, the 4 of them are having snapple while the other 4 of us are having Mug root beer.

Cream of Mushroom soup, its nicer compared to the previous time we were here.

Wagyu Beef Burger, the Beef was really very tender and juicy but think it might be because of the cheese, it's a little too salty..

Extra Cut Rib Eye, All of us except and Randy and Meshelle ordered this, it was really yummy, but liz's steak really overcooked so I asked the waiter to change it for her, they were very polite and the cook came out and apologise as well.

Meshelle Double Up: You can simply choose 2 types of chicken from the list that they are offering. It looks yummy doesn't it?

Randy's Sirloin Steak: He seems to like Sirloin better than Rib eye, he keep saying, it more chewy & meaty and its very nice with the layer of fat on top. Personally I am not a fan of chewy meat, so people who like tough meat and fats you can give it a try.

Onion rings, its a huge disappointment, its simply those frozen onion rings that you can find in supermarket.

Slasher with his Extra cut Rib eye and 2 baked potatoes.

Randy having a bite of his wagyu burger.

Can you see the spoon is in the air? I was so glad I was in time for the shoot.

The 3 musketeers. But i keep calling them the gay-partners.

My chocolate mint truffle tea @ bakerzin, it really smell like chocolate.

Meshelle's cuppachino.

Lizzie Lemon Blush.

Slash's Earl Grey, He added to it. Weird right?

Jon's Ice Chocolate, he finished it in last than 5 mins.

Boon;s Rum & Raisin Affagato, it's basically Rum & Raisin ice cream with expresso.

Randy's and Raymond's Ice Lychee Mint, this simply tasted horrible, the blend mint leaves into the drink, so it tasted like Iced blended wheatgrass with mint.

Randy's birthday cake: Chocolate Amer from Bakerzin.

He looks so happy right?

Blowing the cake.

Cutting the cake.

Wonder what is the birthday boy staring at? Is there pretty girls in Slash iphone?

Boon smirking.

Raymond falling aslp at one corner, guess he was really tire.

I was so bored while the guys are talking about IT stuff that I stared playing with the leftover chocolate cream and packet sugar.

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