Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5th May 2009 - Rin

Went for my final F7 class in the morning, starting to feel the exam stress, Heez... Met up with liz after my morning class, we went for lunch and shopping, we are suppose to look around for cat's birthday card, her dairy free cake and fake eyelashes for cat's party. But in the end, we sidetracked and went around looking for dresses instead, haha, saw a nice dress at fox, liz likes it too, but its far to expensive, the material is simply just denim but it cost $73. Kept wondering since when did Fox became so expensive. After walking around for sometime both of us are kind of craving for yami yogurt so we walked downwards to meridien, I had a small mango yogurt will liz had a medium one. When we reached PS I decided that I should buy some yogurt home, cause my sis is a person who doesn't like fruits, so thought some yogurt will be good for her. Didn't really think she will be interested, but in the end, both of us manage to finish the whole take home pack. Muahahaha.

Topping for our yogurt: Actually wanted granola, but don't think my sis will like it, so decided to get banana nut crunch instead.
Our Yummy yami yogurt (Mango), I wanted to get blueberry but my sis hates blueberry. Randy must be thinking I pampered her too much again. Muahahaha.

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