Sunday, May 3, 2009

2nd May 2009 - Rin

Went over to Randy's place today in the morning, spent 2/3 of my day there, most of the time we were both sleeping. Hahaha, I brought mashed potato over for Randy's mum cause she kind of liked the version I made previously. I took a picture of Randy sleeping while I was playing Restaurant City and Pet Society.

I think he looks like a baby having a sweet dream while he is sleeping today, so cute hor?

Daddy finally decided to cooked laksa after buying the laska paste about 2 month back. Think he consider it a failure cause there wasn't enough gravy and it didn't really tasted like laksa to me, but I finished it all, guess it's because its something that Daddy cooked for all of us, felt the love and effort that he had put it into the cooking.

Laksa without the gravy, there are thick bee hoon, fishcakes, shrimps and scallops which is at the bottom of the bowl.

I know it doesn't look like laksa and it looks dry, but I finished it.

Anyway, Everyone bakerzin is having a new promotion for May after they April's cupcake promo, this month their chocolate Amer with only be at half price, Being a chocolate lover, guess I found a place that I wanna go to next week, Liz be prepared, we are going to bakerzin again.

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