Wednesday, May 6, 2009

6th May 2009 - Rin

Went for F9 class in the morning, its a long class, all the foreign exchange risk and hedging is giving a bad headache. Went to Toa Payoh to meet up with my sis for lunch this afternoon, actually wanted the chicken cutlet curry rice from the bubble tea shop at Toa Payoh Entertainment Center, but after looking at the crowd, we decided to go for Swenson instead. Swenson is currently having a 1 for 1 promotion for ala carte food items till 30 June 2009, we ordered quite a lot of food, was really really very full after that, at the same time, we realise that we are eating very slowly as compare to other Singaporeans. A few tables that came in after us, finished their meal and left, while we were still eating. Wonder is it because they are rushing for time or we are really that slow. After lunch, went over to Popular to get my correction fluid while juan bought her jolin disc and a highlighter, came home after that.

Swenson ice water cup is getting really small compare to previously, but it comes with the water flask as you can see above, wonder why they would implement the flask system, could it be due to the H1N1?

Treasure Island Hunt: It's mainly Root beer float.. Hahaha...

Juan's Ice Chocolate: It's very light not too sweet, hmmm... i think it tasted like cadbury instand chocolate drink with chocolate ice cream.

Spic N Chic ($7.90): At first I thought this appetizer will be spicy, but it wasn't, the chicken thigh was crispy & juicy not too dry and the flavouring was just nice as well, not too salty. Heart this dish.

Deep Fried Mushroom ($5.90): I thought it will be button mushroom, so I was a little disappointed when I saw it was shitake. The mushroom was fried with bread crumbs so it is a little oily, at the same time, its a little dry, not juicy as I had expected, so this dish was a disappointment.

My all time favourite, Salmon and Mushroom Baked Rice ($12.20): Egg fried Rice top with salmon, shitake mushroom and cheese. Thinking of it makes me drools. Heez, this dish is also Randy's favourite as well, but I think for today, the dish is a little too salty, especially the salmon.

Juan's Chicken in a Jacket ($13.90) : 3 piece batter fried chicken with potato salad and seasonal vegetables. The chicken was quite juicy while the batter is very crispy, however, the potato salad was kind of a disappointment.

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