Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Celebration Part 1 on 9th of May - Rin

Today is my family big feast day, Muahaha, I met up with most of my family members for a mother's day cum father's day dinner at Kuishinbo Great World City. Before that my sis & I met up 2 of my cousins and we went down earlier to buy some chocolate from the mamas as a memory of mother's day instead of just simply treating them for dinner. During dinner, all of us ate lots of alaska crabs and Tempura prawns, actually the daddies was caught by surprise that my cousins and I can eat so much despite being females (we ate from 5.30 to 9.30 non stop). All of us really enjoyed ourselves and there was really lots of laughter to the extend that 2 ladies from another table keep staring at us like we have done something wrong. But who cares, its our right to enjoy our dinner and do whatever we want, if they think that we are creating nuisance by being happy and laughing then maybe they should patronise another restaurant instead. The following are some of the photos that we took during our dinner:

Group Photo of those we went for the dinner to celebrate mother's day. There were a total of 18 of us.

My table's first round of food: Tempura Prawns and Soft Shell crabs, Alaska Crab and Prawns, Chawanmushi, Teppanyaki Beef, chicken and salmon, Udon, Cha soba and etc.

Joys and My sis with their soft shell crab temaki.

Us girls with our food.

My momma loves the crabs.

Aunt lin loves the crab too.

My Mooo Biao Jie enjoying her Cha soba.

Bacon and Mushroom Tonburi: For this dish, you have to try your luck, for my table, we had all the bacon with mushroom, but linda and the mamas tables had tomatoes instead of mushroom.

Premium Item of the day: Alaska Crab legs with some mayo thing, its not nice at all, the mayo is so hard it seems like u are biting plastic and the crab tasted really dry, both Joys and me would rather they offered us the bamboo clam that we had previously. This is such a disappointment.

Prawns and Alaska Crabs. Yummilicious.

Our Table numbers: We occupied 3 tables of 4 and 3 tables of 2.

My sis seems to be having a hard time with her crab.

Me and Alicia enjoying the crabbie.

Can you see the difference? My sister is holding a big big one, while poor Michael is holding such as tiny one.

With the yummilicious Alaska crab.

Us the girls with the crab, can u spot someone with something else?

The mommas. From Right: My momma, Aunt Ming, 姨妈 and Aunt Lin

The daddies. From Right: Uncle Lawrence, 姨丈, Uncle Gary and Daddy.

Present Giving Ceremony. Yes I know I myself am fat, but I think this picture is so damn not flattering.

The packaging of the chocolates we bought, looks like gold bar hor..

Chocolate for Momma from Juan and Me

Aunt Ming's Chocolate from Alicia. She was really very surprised and happy to receive the present.

姨妈's chocolate from Janice and Serene Jie Jie

Aunt Lin's chocolate from Linda and Joyce.

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