Friday, May 1, 2009

1st May 2009 - Rin

Finally I didn't have class today which is a Public Holiday, I am so happy, hahaha, woke up at around 11, then daddy drove us all to a coffee shop near SGH for yong tau foo, I loved the yong tau foo there cause you can have it serve with the fishball noodle kind of mee pok instead of the normal yellow noodles, bee hoon or kway teow with all the sweet sauce and chilli. I didn't catch the location of the place but I do know that it is a block beside a singh temple near jalan bukit merah. Haha.. After brunch, daddy drove us to Bukit Merah central NTUC Fairprice for grocery shopping. Yeah... daddy decided to cook today, its another home cooked meal, told Daddy I am craving for mashed potato as well, so we bought the ingredients for it on top of things we needed for dinner.

I realise after we are finished with level 1 (Fresh and Non Food section) of grocery shopping, all we took was fruits and vegetables, which has never happen to our family cause both my sis and I are meat lovers. Hmmm... Wonder what has happen to us today...

Mashed Potato using Russet Potatoes as well bacons and onions.
Yummilicious Roast Pork.

Sweet Beans with Prawns, I hated Sweet beans so I didn't really ate any of it.

Roast Duck with Soy Sauce.

My All Time Favourite: Radish & Pork Ribs Soup

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