Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day celebration part 2 on 10th of May - Rin

Ahhh... This morning when I woke up and i step on the floor for the first time today, I felt some pain on my right toe, I thought maybe I stepped on something, but as I sat down and check my feet, I found a huge blister (see the picture below), its really really huge, scary in fact, this is the biggest blister I had have in my life, wonder what has cause it.

Today being the actual day of mother's day, so my momma, sis and I went over to Ikea to have a meal, after the meal we went shopping around Ikea, we bought 2 cushions, a lint remover, chalks and some small storage boxes. After Ikea, we went over to charles & Keith outlet at anchor point cause momma wanted to get some footwear for work. After C & K, we went over to cold storage to get some chocolates for Aunt Fer as well a cake for mother's day, afterwhich we went over to aunt lin's place. Spent some time there searching for info for another trip to genting during June holidays as well as watch charlie & the chocolate factory with my cousin AGAIN, think this is the 3rd time we watched this show together. After the show ended we went on with celebration which cutting the cake and singing the Happy Birthday Song but changing it to Happy Mother's Day instead. Home Sweet Home after that.

Juan's Poached Salmon, it's very yummy as well.

Mama's Chicken Wing with some poached salmon and broccoli.

Yummilicious Ikea's Meatballs: Its been so so long.

Mother's Day cake, not a special cake, but one of our favorites, the yummilicious coco exotic from four leaves.

The Lee Family 'mamas'.

The Mamas blowing the cake, and my momma is blocking aunt ming, very 凖hor.

We can see that aunt Fer look the cake, another candid shot, think she is going to kill me soon..

Momma cutting the cake.

Aunt Fer with her pressie cause she wasn't at the dinner yesterday, her face look so funny.

Aunt Ming with her chocolate, doubt u can see it with the dark dark background.

Aunt Fer feeding Audrey chocolate and eating the chocolate from the knife as well.

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