Thursday, May 21, 2009

20th May 2009 - Rin

Woke up at around 12+ in the afternoon after my sis called me saying she ending her class soon, so ask me to wake up and start preparing cause I am meeting her for lunch at Tiong Bahru Plaza. After meeting up with her, we decided to go for KFC cause I have the coupons, I was really unhappy with the cashier there, not only did she simply show me a black face as if I owe her a million bucks before I even order, when I am ordering she didn't sound very happy either, if she is so unhappy with her job maybe she should simply quit it instead of showing it to the customers.

After we finished our lunch, we went over to Pie Kia, this is my 2nd time there, I find the names they gave for their categories pretty interesting, they have ho lim for drinks, sho sho for soup, toa pie kia for the bigger versions of the pies as well as pie seh for the pies with sweet fillings (mango & Pear, jackfruit & dragonfruit as well as sweet corn). Think most people will think its very ah beng, but I myself find it very Singaporean and pretty interesting, came home after buying our pies and started mugging again. Didn't manage to finish a lot today cause I was feeling kind of bloated and constipated, hope I will get well real soon.

The plastic Bag

The box that contains our pie kias. Try reading the wordings on the box, its cute and funny.

Our Pie Kias, P for Black Pepper Chicken, M for Mushroom Chicken, R for Roasted chicken and lastly H for ham & Cheese. There are other favours such as Curry Chicken, Sardine and Mexican as well. The Pie Kias aren't as heavy as the pies from other shops such as polar and on top of that it doesn't have the buttery smell that makes you feel "gelat" before even eating it. So guess there will be a 3rd and 4th time for me, should bring Randy there sometime, if you are interested you can give it a try too.

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