Friday, May 1, 2009

1st May - rek

Hahaha, Labour day and its the day i chose to do some work ard my room.

Fixed up the PC again with the mainboard i didnt throw away. seems to be working well now. Did some vaccuuming ard the room also. and changed the bedsheets.

Lots of things happened over the past week so will try to blog what i can remember.

Bought the LEGO cannon battle. Some collecters will say to wait for sale, but i think like some other collecters, we'll say good luck to them. for good sets, its going to be hard for them to have stock til the sale period come. how do you define what's a good set? to me, the number of minifigs matters alot. minifig refer to the "human" in the set. Unlike gachapons, PVA figures or figma/nendoroid, LEGO is very collectible. once you miss a certain LEGO set, its going to be very hard to wait for a re-issue. Figma and nendoroids re-issue quite refrequently to meet market demands thus reducing its value.

Was also very caught up in the game Civony. currently i'm 60th in the server, my rank when i just joined was 6000+

Completed the full set of new mystery eggs for Pet Society and now saving money to stock up on the this-week-special items.

Sort of gave up playing Restaurant City. had already hit the max level. currently just logging in daily to collect ingrediants.

Studied for my M9 insurance paper. flunked it. mark range 81-87, i need a 88 to pass. damn. miss by abit. when i told kok wah, he just asked when i wanna try again? i say next week's my reservist, so wanna clear it before i do anything else.

Driving wise, will be trying to book for 6th june.

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