Monday, May 4, 2009

3rd May 2009 - Rin

Spend the day at home today, didn't do much, study for about 3 hours from 8pm to 11pm but I only manage to complete 1 chapter, wonder if 1 month will be enough for me to prepare for 4 exams papers, starting to really really feel the stress. On top of the stress I have a lot of mixed feelings today, feeling happy because we have finally decided on the date that my family will be going for Kuishinbo to celebrate both mother's and father's day. Feel sad because Randy will be going for his reservist and I kept feeling like he will away for a very long time, but in actual fact I will be meeting him on the 16th for his birthday, but he doesn't seem enthusiastic about it, think all guys are like that. Today, my sis cooked a dished with simple portabello mushroom, butter and red & white cheddar. Although it's really easy to make, it tasted fantastic, think i might wanna try making it for Randy the next time. Till then, Ciaoz...

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