Monday, May 18, 2009

17th May 2009 - Rin

Daddy woke me up early today, was up at 9 had breakfast as usual with my family. Accompany my mum to chinatown in the afternoon, went over to people park center to look for Swarovski beads for making handphone chain, and guess what I saw, I saw the bling bling pens that I had always wanted, it comes along with a free session where the pros will teach you how to go about doing it, but the sessions that they are organising is full and on top of that they don't sell the ready made pens, the girl was saying"these are for reference only, if you want it you have to sign up for the class", I am so 不爽 after she said the sentence, but another girl who is also working in the shop approach and said that actually they will be offering another course soon, so she can keep me updated and she even recommended the items that I might need if I am interested in doing myself at home, so in the end I bought 2 packs of swarovski crystals the glue and the magical pick.

These are the items that i bought: Swarovski Crystals in Light Rose and Crystal White, the Perfect Deco Glue which can also be used on fabric and nails and the magical pick.

After we are done with the crystals and beads, we went over to Ocean at People Park Complex to get cheap shampoos and daily essentials, Momma was asking was if I change the brand of my shampoo to Keratase, she said its a brand recommended by my hairstylist who is the brother-in- law of my momma's colleague. So I decided to give it a try so we bought 3 small bottles of it to give it a try first in case it is not suitable, and guess what, the small bottle itself is already $23 each, I almost fainted, but my momma keep saying it's a salon brand that's why its so expensive and we seriously bought the 3 bottles, on top of that we bought powder, lifebuoy body foam and my shaver refill. Most of the things there are much cheaper compare to outside, so next time if you guys are to pass by there, you can go there and have a look

The expensive shampoo that i have bought and its only 250 ml.

The Address to Ocean: People Park Complex Level 3, turn right once you are up the escalator and walk straight you will see the shop.

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